Friday, October 20, 2023

Third graders did a wonderful job at Mass today. We will be doing the Grandparent Day Mass next month, and I assured the class that my goal is to get all kids reading on the microphone this year if they would like to do so!

Pumpkin Book Reports -Check Seesaw for sample pumpkins and ideas. Have fun! These can be either real or pretend pumpkins, just not carved. The written portion is in the student’s Friday Folders today! Please support your child in producing this as a final draft, with correct spelling, and neat handwriting. Pumpkins and reports are due on October 31st, Halloween! (I am told you can find cheap foam pumpkins at Hobby Lobby, thanks Tia!)

Reading Goal -Please encourage your children to read. Read aloud, read to a stuffed animal, read before bed, in the car, to a sibling, you name it! When they finish a book have them post a photo on Seesaw. We are 17 books into our 104 goal, set by the third graders. We want to have a Read-In!

All Saints Day – We celebrate on November 1st, however students will begin a research project and presentation on a chosen Saint. I will give them books and resources but feel free to discuss this at home in preparation. I do encourage my students to dress up as their saint that day, however it is not required. Something to think about as it approaches.

Field Trip -The amount of drivers and chaperones we have willing to attend is amazing! Thank you! Please look for an email from me regarding who is driving and who will be pairing up with another driver (obviously we don’t need 13 drivers, however I want to honor the wish to attend and there is not a limit this time.). If you wish to stay and not join us, just let me know. (Thursday, November 2nd, 9:30am-12:45pm). **Many need updated information in order to attend/drive.**


Reading -Third graders learned about animal coverings and how these adaptations help animals survive. The concepts covered were asking questions, main idea and supporting details, and inferences. Grammar this week was verbs, specifically past, present, and future. In writing students published a paragraph including transition words on their favorite animal.

Social Studies -We wrapped up our geography lessons on map skills, specifically oceans, continents, lines of latitude and longitude, equator, and the prime meridian. Students put their knowledge into practice as they created their balloon globes.

Religion -We were busy planning our Mass and we also began chapter 3, beginning with the creation story.

Math -Students completed the chapter on data and building background knowledge towards multiplication and division. We examined pictographs, bar graphs, line plots, and more! I’m so excited to dive into the next chapter and the concept of what multiplication is! Students are continually practicing their math facts in class as well.

Music – This week in music class we are: Actively listening to the rhythm codes of Secret Chicken – an aural skills rhythm decoding activity  *Practicing singing the pitches do re mi, and learning a song using these pitches called Closet Key. *Practicing dynamics with the poem In a Dark Dark Room

SpanishUna nota de Señora Anna-This week in Spanish we learned weather vocabulary. We sang a song about the weather in each season and drew different types of weather. We will use what we have learned to discuss the weather and seasons at calendar time.

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