Thursday, October 12, 2023

Here’s your Friday news a day early :). I hope the weather stays nice so you can enjoy a long fall weekend with your children. I explained to the students that I will be out at Saint Joachim at a staff retreat, where we will be celebrating some of our local indigenous people as well. They will even be making us salmon and fry bread for lunch! (We learned a little about our local tribes, watched a video, and read a few books for Indigenous People’s Day earlier this week).

Holy Hoops Next Week -IF your children attends any portion of any day to root on our 5th-8th graders they will be excused from homework. Simply either write in their agenda or send me a quick email letting me know they were at Holy Hoops and they will be excused of ALL homework for the night. This is a really great tradition and such a fun experience to be a part of, even as a spectator!

Book Reports -We talked today about the fun pumpkin book report they will be completing this month. There is an idea page in your child’s Friday Folder tonight to start gathering supplies. Note: please do NOT carve the pumpkin in any way. We looked at samples and photos of what the students did last year so ask your children. They will have a writing portion coming home at the end of next week to accompany the pumpkin character. Please reach out to me if getting a small pumpkin is a hardship and I will provide one.

Literacy -This week we wrapped up our first unit in Benchmark learning about animal adaptations and completed the online assessment. These are tricky, but we did the first together. Students are writing a paragraph incorporating transition words about their favorite animal.

*Spelling next week will be a review so they will not have a normal set of words.

Math -Mathematicians explored data, picture graphs, frequency plots, and building background knowledge to begin understanding multiplication. They each have their own goal to beat for math facts and can practice at home! (

Social Studies -Geographers finished their own maps, learned the five oceans, and will dive into continents next week!

Science -In science this week we explored mold fossils, a Mystery Science exploration with fossils, and next week we will be excavating “actual” fossils. Should be fun.

Religion -We completed the second chapter in our books. We learned about the Holy Trinity, and three theological virtues -faith, hope and love (charity).

Spanish Una nota de Señora Anna- This week in Spanish we learned about the four seasons. We drew trees and houses to match each season!

PE -This week in PE we. . .Reviewed the overhand throw. Practiced throwing to a partner. Played a game called “BOOM CITY” 

Every Thursday part of our Morning Meeting Routines is completing a TOTB (Think Outside the Box). It’s a creative way to stretch their brains and they love to share their creations. I’m impressed every time and they are all different. I love it!

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