September 29, 2023

Hooray! The students and I are happy to be done with MAP testing, and are all set to dive into our normal routines, homework, and curriculum. You will see things picking up a little bit now.

I’m so happy to welcome Mrs. Laura Roberts on Monday. Mrs. Roberts will be shared between second and third grade as an instructional aide. I’d love to get in a routine with Mrs. Roberts before I add classroom volunteers into our day. I’m anticipating sending out a volunteer sign up mid-October. Here is Mrs. Roberts with her family:

Math – This week we completed the addition portion of the first chapter and have moved into the subtraction. A lot of this is review, but regrouping of double and triple addition and subtraction is great to practice at home. The students are doing amazing with the rounding concept, which can be a challenge and I’m proud of them!

Religion – Students completed week one, wrapping up with a fun review game, before our assessment. They had an opportunity to recite the memory verse. Look for these in Seesaw to practice each week. One of the main concepts taught in this first chapter was how the Bible is organized and how to find verses. Fun to explore at home or at church!

Literacy – We ran through our center routine, reading groups, and the structure of our reading block. Our first unit is on animal adaptations. Students are working on a poem about their best parts and I’m excited to dive into the writing process once again with them. You will love these!

Science– For science this week we went on a webquest. Students checked their emails for links, watched a couple short videos, and answered questions about fossils. Next week we will be making fossils and exploring some fun hands on activities. This is a fun one!

Social Studies– We began our unit on map skills by learning about cardinal and intermediate directions. Next week we will dive into the oceans and continents.

SpanishUna nota de Señora Anna- This week we celebrated the start of autumn with a book and color by number. We continued to practice our greetings song and discussed responses to “¿Cómo estás?”.

Music -This week in music class we: Sang a song and bounced a ball to the beat with the song Bounce High Bounce Low *Decoded the rhythms of the song Bounce High Bounce Low *Passed bean bags to a steady beat, and learned partner song called Throw and Catch.

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