Friday, September 22, 2023

The students are off to a great start with their Fall MAP testing. We completed the reading and math test this week and I made sure to let them know we are now half way done! Next week we will do the language and science portions. They are doing a great job!

With homework lighter during these testing weeks, I’m hoping the students are getting time to read their book report books. The form for this month’s written book review can be found in your child’s Friday Folder tonight. Book reports are due Friday, September 29th. Students will be presenting them to the class and should have their book with them.

Engineers in the making! This was so much harder than it looks. Must hold the large marshmallow on top and only use spaghetti and small marshmallows. The teamwork, collaboration, and acceptance of failure was top notch! STEM for the win once again!


Math- In math this week we explored how to break out larger numbers to add, the associative property when adding more than two numbers, and are mastering the concept of rounding and estimating.

Literacy- Students completed their first third grade paragraph. They illustrated these and completed the whole writing process. The new skill of indenting a paragraph, along with topic and supporting sentences, complete with a wrap up sentence was taught. I’m impressed with the outcome! In reading we began the structure of our center time and ran through how that works in third grade. Next week we will dive into Animal Adaptations and our reading books.

Science- Fossils! We did a partner picture sort, reading comprehension page, and will begin with some fun hands on projects next week now that they know what they are and what they are not. We learned from some short science videos online as well.

Religion- We dove into our first unit in our new texts. I’m really excited about this curriculum and the students seem to be engaged and excited. We are experimenting with memory verses every week and they will have an opportunity to recite them to me for a small prize (they choose stickers). In Second Step we learned about building networks in our brains by practicing new skills.

**Here’s the link to the family page on our current chapter:

P.E.–  This week in PE we learned how to strike the ball playing “regular” 4 square and other variations including around the world, war and cherry bomb.  We also discussed the responsibilities of the server and helping everyone understand the game.  

Spanish Una nota de SeƱora Anna- This week we practiced a hello song and learned how to respond to “How are you?” in Spanish. We also reviewed colors and listened for color words in context. 

Music – This week in music class we showed high and low pitches with their bodies with the song I Can Sing a High Note, and Personages with Long Ears from the Carnival of the Animals. We practiced switching between different types of singing voices with the song Poor Little Bug. We responded to music by doing a partner mirror activity

Our first TOTB (Think Outside the Box). We do this every Thursday to start our day. I love this and the creativity grows and they impress me every time!

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