Friday, September 8, 2023

Happy Friday! It was a short, yet packed week as we continued to get to know each other and our classroom expectations. We’ve worked on building our “classroom family,” which I will refer to all year. This is truly a delightful group and I’m so excited for the year to come.

Friday Folders -Please locate the folder in your child’s backpack. These will be coming home every week. Please look over the work, your child’s goal, and look for missing work. Reports will be sent home every week. Sign the parent page and send back with your child on Monday. Thank you!

Seesaw – I’m hoping you saw an “invite” email for directions on how to get connected to our class Seesaw. This is a great tool for you to stay connected to both the academics your children is doing (we use it for center work) and also photos and videos of what is happening in class. Your child has a QR code in their folders tonight as well. Please let me know if you need help getting connected.

Book Reports – Each month the students will have a book report. At the beginning of the month they will get a book (at their reading level) approved with me and then spend the month reading it. They will receive the actual book report assignment mid-month and then present them to the class the last week of the month. Students should have a book to show me by Monday, September 11th. If they need, I will take them to the library at recess on Monday.

Literacy – I’m working on completing individual reading assessments. Students have learned how to log into various sites on their Chromebook’s and even typed their sentences for an art project this week. Next week we will begin spelling, cursive, and build the foundations before beginning our reading groups, centers, and routines.

Religion –This week we are building our classroom community and going to be starting with a brief unit on the Mass. We will get a clear understanding of the four parts, the mass responses, and what each part means. You are always welcome to join us on Fridays at 8:15. Students may sit with you.

Math –This week we completed our beginning of the year assessment and began reviewing and solidifying our understanding of place value before we dive into rounding next week. Begin looking for consistent math homework every night.

Social Studies – We have not dove into our first unit yet, but will be exploring maps, regions, directions, continents, and oceans first.

Science -We’ve completed two STEM activities, which involve how to work together, solve a problem, and learn the cycle. They’ve “Saved Fred” and are currently working on creating their dream school with a floorplan, straws, and tape.

PE- This week in PE we practiced walking on the short lines and jogging on the long lines and played two cooperative games called Crazy Card Challenge and Hula Hut Relays.

Spanish- Una nota de Señora Anna- We enjoyed our first two Spanish classes together this week! We practiced introducing ourselves. We also learned about a school in Costa Rica and compared how our schools are similar and different.

Art – Butterfly symmetry art -The students learned about the concept of symmetry, various types of symmetry, and how to apply them in their own artwork.

*Curriculum Night -Please plan on at least one parent attending this Wednesday at 6:00 pm. Mr. Anderson will begin in the gym at 6pm.

*Head to Mod Pizza on September 20th to help our 8th Graders! Mention ACS or give the code MODGIVES20.

*Map Testing Begins September 19th.

*Spaghetti Dinner/Harvest Festival -Saturday, September 16th! Don’t miss this!

*Picture Day -Free Dress –September 27th.

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