October 27, 2022

We are coming to the end of a busy, fun week! We began with our hands on balloon globes, made fossils with clay and plaster of paris, and even made our own monsters in STEM and wrote persuasive letters. Students are working hard, and the growth I see is exciting! I’m looking forward to next week when we get an opportunity to meet at conferences, which will be led by your child. Look for a pre-conference form being emailed on Monday.

Thank you to all the chaperones, drivers, and those of you praying for our safety from home! The field trip was really well done and I think the chaperones and I can agree, we ALL learned something!

Next week we will be celebrating Halloween (All Hallow’s Eve) on Monday with an amazing party planned by our team of room-moms. I can’t wait. Tuesday is All Saint’s Day and Mass will begin at 12:30. All are invited, so please come see the parade of saints!!

Literacy- This week we learned about the different animal coverings and how they help keep animals safe. We learned about verb tenses, past, present, and future. For writing the students became real estate agents and had to sell their beautiful haunted houses created in Art. Look for these on display in the hall during conferences!

Math- We began our Multiplication Chapter, and I love this one! The kids are grasping the concept of repeated addition and how it relates to multiplication. We used candy corns to create equal groups, even.

Religion- This week we began learning about a variety of Saints. Each student has now chosen his/her Saint to research and they have begun gathering information. I’ll begin showing them how to put it into a PowerPoint Presentation next week. Please note that dressing up as a Saint is encouraged but OPTIONAL on Tuesday, November 1st.

Social Studies- We wrapped up our continent and ocean portion of the Map Unit and will complete it next week with US Regions. When we finish that we will begin our Immigration Unit and will start by reading a book together called, Mollie’s Pilgrim.

Music –

  • Completing episode 4 of Secret Chicken, an aural skills rhythm decoding game 
  • Performing a composed 16 beat rhythm on an instrument of choice in front of the class  
  • Using barred instruments to play the song Skin and Bones 
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