Friday, October 21, 2022

Happy Friday! It was a busy week in third grade and the students worked hard. We are beginning some bigger class projects in the next few weeks, in addition to some fall/Halloween themed fun next week.

October Book Report: Students are bringing the written portion of their pumpkin report home tonight. Please note that the character trait page is OPTIONAL and available for students who want to work towards the 4. The written story map is required to be completed in his/her best third grade writing, and will accompany the pumpkin. These can be turned in at any point next week, Monday-Friday. We will share them as they come in and put them on display. I will be able to get pumpkins this weekend for anyone who might need one, please let me know by TONIGHT!

Field Trip Next Week: I am so grateful for the abundance of drivers and volunteers! I reached out to the coordinator and confirmed there is not a capacity issue and we can bring as many chaperones that we want ;). I will however be consolidating cars so we can carpool. If you have a preference on another parent to ride with please let me know, otherwise I’ll just pair up and let you know ASAP. I also have directions, parking information, and times that I will get you early next week.

Math Review Centers
Thank you, parents!! It’s so fun having you in the classroom again!

Reading- This week we completed our first Benchmark Assessment online. These are quite challenging so I will guide them through the first few. We are reading about animal coverings and how they help animals adapt to their environments.

Writing- We wrapped up another paragraph and they are getting the hang of the format -topic sentence, supporting sentences, wrap up sentences, in addition to indenting and how to save documents on 365. Students are starting their dinosaur stories and got a chance to hear some of my students stories from last year, which was fun!

Math This week we wrapped up Unit 2 and took the assessment on Friday. This was all on data and guiding them into the introduction of multiplication.

Religion For religion we dove deeper into the Bible and went on a Bible Quest! It was fun to see how quickly they learned the format of the Holy Book and how to use the table of contents. Ask them at home about this!

Social Studies- We will wrap up the unit on map skills soon! Students are able to now locate all five oceans and all seven continents. We rotated through some centers to review this week and will end with a fun balloon project. I can’t wait!

Science- So much to learn on fossils! We will be making our own dinosaur fossils next week with plaster of paris and clay. We’ve had opportunities to use a few computer programs to dive deeper into this concept. Freckle is a great one if you want to look at home.

Music –

  • Reading the poem In A Dark Dark Room to practice musical dynamics  
  • Singing a song using sol, mi and do pitches and playing a game with the song 
  • Using classroom instruments to play along to Hobgoblin by Robert Schumann  

Art –

Directed drawing and proportions. Students drew cats inside pumpkins and learned about proportion in a composition.

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