Weekly News -September 23, 2022

Dear Families,

Happy Fall!  This week seemed to fly by!  The students were busy testing and we completed the Reading and Math portion of our MAP testing.  Next week we will tackle the language and science one.  They are doing a wonderful job!

Please make sure your child is working his/her way through their book report book.  I always give them at least 15 minutes of DEAR every day, so if they would like to bring their books back and forth, this is an option.  You will find the paper form of the book report in their Friday Folders today.  They will need to bring their books when they present their reports next week.  They will be graded on the oral presentation to the class.

Friday Folders -This week you will start seeing Missing Assignment Reports stapled to your child’s goals for the week.  I try and give these to the students earlier in the week, before they go home to parents. We are learning time management!  Please let me know if you have questions that come up over these.

Working on Social Studies Maps of Campus

Literacy: We have learned Author’s Purpose through PIE (persuade, inform, and entertain) and the students are focusing on P (Persuasive).  They have each chosen a topic to try and persuade their reader (Mr. Anderson).  To do so, we have learned the four square writing method and began the writing process for their first paragraph.  Another thing we explored this week is PQPA (part question, part answer).  I will expect this in all written responses this year. It takes some practice, but they will get it!

Math: This week we dove deeper into the rounding concept with compatible numbers and estimation.  These are difficult concepts but we are taking things slow and getting lots of practice.  We continue with math fact practice, specifically with Xtra Math.  The kids were excited about the new game I introduced called, Boddle.  I can assign standards and it reinforces the concepts we are learning in class, in a game format.  You should be able to find the information to play at home, in your child’s folder, if you would like.

Social Studies: Students are working with a partner to create a map of campus, which includes their compass rose.  Next week we will begin continents and oceans, which are fun to teach!

Science: Students are learning about fossils and this week we did a sort, reading comprehension, and wrapped it up with Mystery Doug with a fossil dig.  So fun!

Religion: We continue to work our way through the Mass.  We are on Liturgy of the Eucharist now.  Please check Friday Folders for Mass parts for our upcoming Mass on October 7th.  PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! 😉

Art: Grumpy Monkey  

Students drew a monkey with an expressive facial face expressing their feelings. 

They learned how the direction of the lines can show movement, position, or feelings. 


  • Singing Solfege patterns using sol, mi and la with accompanying hand symbols
  • Moving to music by dancing a Slavic folk dance called Sasha, and bean bag tossing song Plainsies Clapsies
  • Practicing beat vs. rhythm with the song Rocky Mountain


We missed a day this week due to map testing but on Thursday students completed their first part of their fitnessgram testing. They ran the pacer as a test of their aerobic capacity and tested their flexibility. Students learned about how keeping their bodies active can keep them healthy.

*Book Reports Due September 28th

*Picture Day, Next Tuesday, September 27th **Free Dress

*Animal Blessing -October 4th

*Our Mass -October 7th

*Whatcom Farm Tour Field Trip -October 26th

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