Distance Learning

  1. What format is your grade level group using (Teams, Seesaw)?
    1. (Costanza) Classes I teach  will be set up in Teams with communication through email and teams by group.  Instruction will be through Zoom with links given through email and on Teams.
    2. (VonFeldt) I use teams, both classes have their own. Assignments are sent daily through email. Meetings are through Zoom. Algebra meets Mon-Thurs at 8:15 and Friday at 10am for instruction. 6th grade math meets Mon-Fri at 9am for instruction.
    3. (ER) I am using MS Teams and Zoom meetings are used for instruction. Zoom link is posted in Homeroom Teams. Student/teacher communication are on Teams by subject groups. Parents are sent weekly newsletter that include what the students are learning on Mondays by 8:30.
    4. (Evans)  I use MS Teams for both math classes, however the 6th grade has not utilized it yet.  Daily math assignments go home in a morning email by 8 am (instruction, links to videos and assignment given in email).  In Content Library of Team Notebook, a section called Math Journal Entries has summary of all key lessons.  Daily ZOOM check in at 8:15 am with the 7th grade math also used for instruction and help for students who need it (this ZOOM occurs at 10:15 on Fridays).   My “office hours” for 7th grade math are 10-11 am.  For in person classes – 6th graders meet at 9-9:45 and often work with me in the study hall from 9:45-10.  ADDITIONALLY – some additional help, video links etc are put on the Middle School Math Web post for the week.
    5. (Ernest) I use Teams posts, files and assignments. We do not use the class notebook. Homework is emailed and assigned on Teams. Students can look at specific assignment directions in Teams files or watch our lesson to write their notes (these videos are also posted in Files). Students can upload homework into the Teams assignment. While teaching Hybrid, we will use Teams calls. When online, we will use our Zoom platform for more interactive content.
  2. How do students login to that platform? How can parents access it?
    1. (Costanza) Zoom links sent weekly, Teams is through office 365
    2. (VonFeldt) Teams is through their office 365 account. Zoom links are sent in the daily email.
    3. (ER) Teams is through Office 365 account; Zoom links are posted on Teams in Homeroom.
    4. (Evans) as above.
    5. (Ernest) Zoom links are sent out weekly and reused from week to week. Teams calls can be accessed on the Posts page (the main page on Teams). Students can log in to Teams via their email.
  3. What will they see when they login? Where are assignments posted?
    1. (Costanza) Assignments will be sent by email and posted in teams by Monday morning.  Email will go to both parents and students, just like it is currently by 7:30 Monday morning.
    2. (VonFeldt) Assignments and meeting links are sent daily in an email by 8am.
    3. (ER) 8th grade LA, Literature, Religion, Social Studies, and homeroom; and 7th grade LA/Literature Teams. A file folder under class materials is created daily to include lesson announcements on word doc, detailed lesson on PPT including classwork and homework,  and resources needed for the lesson are attached and posted by 8:00 daily. In the assignment tab of the Teams is where students turn in their homework; graded and return with score and/or feedback.
    4. (Evans) Assignments and Instruction sent via email.  Students can find help in the Math Journal Entries  (Content Library of their Notebooks)  where all important lessons are summarized.
    5. (Ernest) Assignments are emailed and posted on the Teams Assignments. When logging in to Teams, they will fist see the Posts page where assignment reminders pop up. They can navigate to all assignments on the top tab labeled “Assignments”
  4. Will anything be emailed in addition to students? Will it also be emailed to parents?
    1. (Costanza) Assignments will be sent by email and posted in teams by Monday morning. Email will go to both parents and students, just like it is currently by 7:30 Monday morning.
    2. (VonFeldt) Videos links (if applicable) are also included in the email. Only students receive the daily information, however, parents are welcome to request to be added to the class group if they wish. Parents and students can also find a weekly post on the school website, under Middle School math.
    3. (ER) Parents receive email weekly through classroom newsletter that include lessons that students are learning for the week. Assignments are posted on Teams and a turn-in file are created for the students.
    4. (Evans)  Only students receive the morning emails unless parents have requested to receive them (one parent so far).   When a student is falling behind or having difficulty, I email help to the student and the parent is included on that email.
    5. (Ernest) Students will only receive a morning email or occasional reminder emails later in the day after a class discussion. Parents will not receive regular emails.
  5. Pick up and drop off of materials will always be on a Monday.  (Evans- we have been using Thurs/Friday for pick up and drop off now that students are coming these days.)
  6. How do students submit an assignment when it is completed?
    1. (Costanza) Most assignments will be done through Forms/quizzes on Office 365.  Other assignments are sent through email (picture of assignment)
    2. (VonFeldt) Most students email their homework to me. Some upload it to their Teams chat.
    3. (ER) Most assignments are turned in through the appropriate assignment file on Teams.
    4. (Evans) Assignments are turned in to the student Team Notebook (in a page that I create) or emailed to me.
    5. (Ernest) They can take a picture and submit through Teams Assignments.
  7. What do tests and quizzes look like? Are they in Forms or a pdf editable sheet that needs to be printed or saved?
    1. (VonFeldt) Test are usually attached as a word file. They can either be printed or the problems copied and solved on lined or graph paper. Some quizzes are in Forms.
    2. (ER) Spelling tests are done on Monday for 8th grade and Friday for 7th grade. Vocabulary test are done in Forms and are graded through the site.
    3. (Evans) Sometimes MS Forms are used and sometimes the test or quiz is sent home with the students.  With students coming on Thursday and Friday, I will likely use these days for tests and quizzes.
    4. (Ernest) Tests are attached as a word document or taken in person
  8. How are things graded and returned?
    1. (Costanza) Forms/quizzes are graded though the site.  Essays will be scanned/photogaphed and sent by email.
    2. (VonFeldt) Forms/quizzes are graded in the Forms site. Regular homework is graded and the score inputted into FACTS usually that day or the next. Any comments are sent in a reply email to the student.
    3. (ER) Tests and assignments are returned through Teams. Assignments are graded an updated in FACTS and comments are posted on the assignment in Teams when returned to students.
    4. (Evans)  If assignments are loaded in the student’s MS Teams Notebook, I check it right there and students can see the corrections.  If assignments are emailed to me, I correct them and email the corrections back to the student.
    5. (Ernest) Grades are entered into both Teams and Facts usually. Comments are typed into Teams assignments for most assignments.
  9. Expectation that students are available online (3rd through 8th only?) from taking attendance at 8:15 every morning until 2:05 in the afternoon. They don’t need to be in front of the screen the whole time but do need to be available. Schedules will follow their regular school day schedule (middle school).
    1. (VonFeldt) Algebra students check in at 8:15am each morning for attendance and instruction.
    2. (ER) Students must join Zoom meetings for instruction. They don’t need to be in front of the screen the whole time but need to be available.
    3. (Evans) – 7th graders who are in my math class check in with me at 8:15 am.  The 7th graders in Mrs. Ernest’s class check in with her.
    4. (Ernest) – See above
  10. How should parents communicate with you? How can you reach parents if students aren’t online when they are supposed to be?
    1. (Costanza) Email is the best communication.
    2. (VonFeldt) Email is best.
    3. (ER) Email is best.
    4. (Evans)  Email is best.  Request to ZOOM meet is always welcome.
    5. (Ernest) Email is best. Request to Zoom meet is always welcome.