Week of October 21st

7th Grade Newsletter

October 21-25 2019

Special Notes:

Holy Hoops 3 – 6 pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!

         Hot Lunch Wednesday

Curriculum Foci:

Language Arts: Latin 4; letter to congress due Tuesday; beginning verbs. SLE 2A, 3C

Religion: We will be discussing discipleship in the Bible. We will also set goals for prayer and service in our daily lives. SLE 1 Next week we will complete the Virtus training on boundaries. Please fill out the following opt out form by Friday, if needed.


Science: This week we will be focusing on reviewing mitosis and meiosis while learning about Mendelian genetics. We will create some superheros and superhero offspring! SLE 4C

Washington State History: Focus: Early 20th century industry and war;  current event, Washington State centered,  due on Wednesday, Oct. 16.  Giant Map in Gym on Friday–resources.SLE 2A, 2C, 3B

Literature: The seventh graders are reading and discussing books about Washington State history in Literature Circle groups.