Preschool Newsletter: March 2-6, 2020

March 2-6, 2020

Dear Preschool Families:  This week we started our learning about Zoo animals, starting with Lions. We also talked about Zoos and what they do for humans.

Homework: Reading will always be important, spelling names, birthdates and parents’ names.

These are the skills we have been practicing this week:

Arts & Crafts Dramatic Play Story/Lesson Blocks & Building
Teacher-led skills practice: Lacing Shamrocks, coloring, assembling and gluing Lion craft, drawing favorite animals for “Favorite Animal” book

Spelling/writing names


Exploration: Kings and Queens crowns

Rainbow daubers

Fairy Tale stencils

Fairy Tale castle w/ royal characters

Puppet Theater w/ 3 bears and royal puppets

Animal finger puppets


Princess game

Naming zoo animals

About Lions




Wooden block play


Tree blocks

Castle blocks

Tubers and Zots bendable

Language & Literacy Library/Listening Center Math & Manipulatives Music & Movement
Listening to a variety of stories

Alpha songs

Writing names

Small/Medium/Large game

Dr. Seuss puzzle





Dr. Seuss Books

Zoo Animals



Story felt pieces


Calendar counting

Recognizing 1-10

Recognizing, matching and naming shapes


Bug patterning

Matching written number to counting number

Cubes/number grid

Counting out gold rocks to numbered plates

Maisy’s counting game





Chapel songs

Starting the day songs: Open, Shut them, We put the tubs away, Are you Here?

Praise songs and Orchestral music at rest time



Gross Motor/Outdoor Play Science & Sensory Fine Motor Activities Religious Focus
Outside play

CD dancing

Movement songs

Jumping out the numbers 1-10



Seasons puzzles

Puzzles by feeling

Rainbow colors


Playdoh with cutters

Stars at the light table


Lacing buttons

Build a star


Sign of the Cross

Circle time and meal time prayers

Bible stories/songs

Chapel Time




Coming Up Next week we will be talking about tigers and giraffes, counting gold rocks and watching a “Little Old Lady” puppet show.