Health awareness

March – National Nutrition Month NNM – focuses on the importance of making informed food choices. (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics). Students will study the digestive system and review sound eating habits.  Visit

February – American Heart Month – focuses on promoting physical activity and healthy eating for a healthy heart muscle. Support the American Heart Association by participating in our Kids Heart Challenge.

November – Diabetes Awareness Month. Diabetes is a condition that prevents the pancreas from making insulin. Insulin is the hormone that helps get energy (glucose) to the body.  Students will review how the pancreas works and are playing tag to simulate insulin getting energy to cells, so we can move! What is “added sugar”?

October – National Healthy Lung Month  Students play Chain Tag to understand if you smoke your lungs will be damaged and cause you to slow down.  To help avoid lung damage, stay away from smoking and 2nd hand smoke, and add indoor plants to your home to help purify the air. (Lung Institute)

September – National Cholesterol Education Month  Students play Cholesterol Tag to understand too much cholesterol can contribute to blocked arteries leading to stokes and/or heart disease. Your body needs cholesterol, produced in the liver, is important for building the structure of cell membranes and helps in the absorption of important nutrients.