MUSIC NEWS Week of 11.1

PK: This week, students are acting out the song Going on a Bear Hunt, and playing echo patterns and keeping a steady beat on rhythm sticks.

Kindergarten: This week, students are learning a song about hibernating bears, distinguishing between loud and quiet sounds, and creating loud and quiet patterns of their own to play on classroom instruments.

1st Grade: This week, students learned the song Bounce the Ball to practice keeping a steady beat. They also did active listening to the music of Autumn by Antonio Vivaldi, where they created a picture of what they heard.

2nd Grade: This week, students showed the actions of the song Tony Chestnut, and completed an active listening activity where they responded to the music Autumn by Antonio Vivaldi.

3rd Grade: This week, students completed an active listening response activity to the music of Autumn by Antonio Vivaldi. They also began learning the song and circle dance Old Brass Wagon.

4th Grade: This week, students practiced clapping syncopated rhythms, sung the Canoe Song in a 2 part round, and discussed and explored time signatures.

Orchestra: This week, students are learning to label their open string notes on the music staff, and beginning the learning of French Folk Song.

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