MUSIC NEWS Week of 10.04

PK: This week, students showed melodic direction with a scarf dance to the song Fallen Leaves. They also added hand motions to tell the story song of the 5 Little Ducks, and are becoming quicker at finding and using their individual fingers! 

K: This week, students showed melodic direction with a scarf dance to the song Falling Leaves. They also learned the song Good King Leopold to practice using their 4 voices (speaking, whisper, shouting and singing).

1st: This week, students are building on their work with tone color in the book My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss. Last week they acted out their color (mood), and this week they will decide how they can show their color with sound using classroom percussion instruments. 

2nd: This week, students are learning about the musical scale – a sequence of 8 notes ascending and descending. They are playing a C major scale on barred instruments, and working with a partner to play a scale in a creative way to play for the class next week. 

3rd: This week, students are working in small groups on a rondo project with the song Shake the Papaya. Groups are creating their own dance or body percussion to go with the A section of the song. 

4th: This week, students are putting together both of the instrumental parts of Rocky Mountain (melody and percussion). They are also learning a 4 beat stone passing pattern to accompany a song they will be learning next week. 

Orchestra: This week, orchestra students are learning their left hand placement and placing the fingers down on the string for the first time. They received finger tapes for their fingerboards, to help them learn where their left hand fingers go to play in tune. Students should continue practicing everything we are learning in class, especially things that still feel difficult, such the bow hold and keeping a straight bow while on the string.  A playing test is coming up next week! 

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