MUSIC NEWS Week of 9.27

PK: This week, Pre-K students learned the song 5 Little Ducks and acted out a finger play as they sang!

K: This week, kindergarten students explored high and low pitches with the poem Jack and Jill. Each student got to use a mallet to play on a xylophone or glockenspiel to show the direction of Jack and Jill going up and down the hill.

1st: This week, 1st grade students are exploring tone color (timbre) with the book My Many Colored Days, and are learning to convey mood using musical instruments.

2nd: This week, 2nd grade students are practicing mallet technique with Engine Engine Number 9, and playing a C major scale on barred instruments.

3rd: This week, 3rd grade students learned a new greeting and warm up song with a focus on pitch. They began to explore improvising on body percussion, and learning about rondo form with the song Shake the Papaya.

4th: This week, 4th grade students are playing the melody of the song Rocky Mountain on barred instruments, and dancing a circle dance that accompanies the song.

Orchestra: This week, orchestra students are solidifying their bow hold and playing positions. They are playing rhythms with their bows on the string, and learning a Harmony part to the song Mississippi Reel.

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