MUSIC NEWS Week of 10.25

Kindergarten: This week, students danced the Danish Greeting Dance, played instruments along with the book The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything, and practiced slow and fast tempos with the poem Slowly Slowly. 

1st Grade: This week, students performed My Many Colored Days and showed mood and tone color with their instruments. The will also be using instruments to accompany the book The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything, and moving different parts of their bodies to dance the Skeleton Dance. 

2nd Grade: This week, students are playing a chord accompaniment on xylophones to the song Birds and Bats. They are also practicing echoing sol-mi patterns on instruments.   

3rd Grade: This week, students are performing their group rondo project in class and reflecting on their performance. Then, they are playing barred instruments along to the song Skin and Bones. 

4th Grade: This week, students played the Skeleton Dance on barred instruments, and read rhythms and played along to Hobgoblin by Robert Schumann. They will also be exploring and learning about Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens and acting out the poem the composition is based on. 

Orchestra: This week, students are learning the full song of Twinkle Variations, playing Mississippi Reel in 2 parts, and learning how to name notes on their instruments. They are filling out a fingering chart for their instruments, and practicing identifying open string notes on the music staff.  

MUSIC NEWS Week of 10.11

PK: This week, students sang a song using low, medium and high pitched voices. They also determined which sounds they heard were fast or slow, and moved their bodies to the beat of songs they sang. 

Kindergarten: This week, students practiced following a leader when playing rhythm sticks and learned about non-verbal cues musicians need to use when playing all together. They also danced the Doggie Dance and moved their bodies to the beat. 

1st grade: This week, students are practicing their chosen instrument for My Many Colored Days to perform next week. We only had one music class this week because of the teacher retreat on Friday. 

2nd grade: This week, students are performing a C major scale with a partner on barred instruments. They are also practicing the clapping game Miss Mary Mac – Ask your child to teach you the clapping pattern and song!

3rd grade: This week, students are continuing their work creating a rondo. They are writing their own 16 beat rhythm, clapping it to a steady beat, then choosing an instrument to play their rhythm on. 

4th grade: This week, students are learning the Canoe Song and exploring syncopated rhythms. We only had one music class this week because of the teacher retreat on Friday. 

Orchestra: This week, students are learning the song I’m a Little Monkey using all of their fingers on the fingerboard, and uploading a bow hold video on the class Flipgrid. 

MUSIC NEWS Week of 10.04

PK: This week, students showed melodic direction with a scarf dance to the song Fallen Leaves. They also added hand motions to tell the story song of the 5 Little Ducks, and are becoming quicker at finding and using their individual fingers! 

K: This week, students showed melodic direction with a scarf dance to the song Falling Leaves. They also learned the song Good King Leopold to practice using their 4 voices (speaking, whisper, shouting and singing).

1st: This week, students are building on their work with tone color in the book My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss. Last week they acted out their color (mood), and this week they will decide how they can show their color with sound using classroom percussion instruments. 

2nd: This week, students are learning about the musical scale – a sequence of 8 notes ascending and descending. They are playing a C major scale on barred instruments, and working with a partner to play a scale in a creative way to play for the class next week. 

3rd: This week, students are working in small groups on a rondo project with the song Shake the Papaya. Groups are creating their own dance or body percussion to go with the A section of the song. 

4th: This week, students are putting together both of the instrumental parts of Rocky Mountain (melody and percussion). They are also learning a 4 beat stone passing pattern to accompany a song they will be learning next week. 

Orchestra: This week, orchestra students are learning their left hand placement and placing the fingers down on the string for the first time. They received finger tapes for their fingerboards, to help them learn where their left hand fingers go to play in tune. Students should continue practicing everything we are learning in class, especially things that still feel difficult, such the bow hold and keeping a straight bow while on the string.  A playing test is coming up next week! 

MUSIC NEWS Week of 9.27

PK: This week, Pre-K students learned the song 5 Little Ducks and acted out a finger play as they sang!

K: This week, kindergarten students explored high and low pitches with the poem Jack and Jill. Each student got to use a mallet to play on a xylophone or glockenspiel to show the direction of Jack and Jill going up and down the hill.

1st: This week, 1st grade students are exploring tone color (timbre) with the book My Many Colored Days, and are learning to convey mood using musical instruments.

2nd: This week, 2nd grade students are practicing mallet technique with Engine Engine Number 9, and playing a C major scale on barred instruments.

3rd: This week, 3rd grade students learned a new greeting and warm up song with a focus on pitch. They began to explore improvising on body percussion, and learning about rondo form with the song Shake the Papaya.

4th: This week, 4th grade students are playing the melody of the song Rocky Mountain on barred instruments, and dancing a circle dance that accompanies the song.

Orchestra: This week, orchestra students are solidifying their bow hold and playing positions. They are playing rhythms with their bows on the string, and learning a Harmony part to the song Mississippi Reel.

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