MUSIC NEWS Week of 9/13/21

Pre-K: This week Pre-K students met The Other Mrs. Beshara! Students explored their voices using animal sounds, kept a beat to the song The More We Get Together, and moved (and laughed!) to The Monkey Song.  

Kindergarten: This week, Kindergarten students began to explore different types of voices, and will work with using and identifying the 4 main voices (speaking, whisper, shouting, and singing) over the weeks ahead. 

1st Grade: This week, 1st grade students moved to music and learned the Danish Greeting Dance, explored tempo with a song called The Grand Old Duke of York, and played a variety of rhythms with rhythm sticks. 

2nd Grade: This week, 2nd grade students reviewed the difference between beat and rhythm using the song Engine Number 9, began to work with mallet instruments, and sung greetings to one another in a beanbag toss game. 

3rd Grade: This week, 3rd grade students worked on passing beanbags to a steady beat, sung the song and played the beanbag toss game Plainsies Clapsies, and learned the Sasha dance with rhythm sticks. 

4th Garde: This week, 4th grade students are in the refining stages of working on a circle dance to the song September by Earth Wind and Fire. They are also playing rhythm instruments in different tempos.

Junior Orchestra (5th/6th Grade): This week, Orchestra students are learning the 12 commandments of instrument care, the parts of their instruments, rest position, and preliminary “bunny” bow hold. 

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