Music News ~ February 17th-21st

Kindergarten: This week, students are actively listening to Kangaroo from the Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saens and moving to the music. They are also learning a game song about Kangaroos and solo singing as part of the Kangaroo game.

1st Grade: This week, students are practicing the sol-mi melodic patterns along with hand symbols. They are also reading quarter note, eighth note and quarter rest rhythmic patterns and playing them on non-pitched percussion instruments. 

2nd Grade: This week, students are learning the names of the lines and spaces on the treble clef staff. They are practicing my drawing the notes on the staff and by labeling written notes. They area also singing the song The Cat Came Back and discussing dynamics. 

3rd Grade: This week, students are exploring the 3/4 time signature by reading rhythmic patterns, and singing and playing the Maori stick game E Papa. They are also singing and creating movement to the song Donkey Riding. 

4th Grade: This week, students are reviewing reading the eighth and sixteenth note patterns (ti-ticka) with Let’s Catch a Rooster. They are also learning two new notes B and A on the recorder, and beginning learning the recorder part for an ensemble piece Dix Ans.

Orchestra: This week, students are continuing to work on playing and reading quarter and eighth note patterns with the piece Buckeye Salute. They are also working on left hand pizzicato and adding a third part to Georgia Railroad. At home practice is going to be crucial as we are adding more difficult techniques to our repertoire! Repetition and muscle memory will be the KEY to your success. Keep up the good work!
Practice Homework: Ode to Joy