Music News ~ Week of December 9-13

O Holy Night Soloist Auditions This Week!

Mrs. Beshara, Mr. Mabalot and Mrs. Roland will be hearing students who are interested in singing the solo for O Holy Night at the Christmas Program this week. Auditions will take place in the St. Cecila Room on Thursday after school (December 12). There will be a sign up sheet located in the main school building by the office and on the third flood, with 5 minute time slots. All interested students are encourage to audition, at any grade or skill level! 

Music News ~ Week of December 2-6

Kindergarten-4th Grade: Students in music classes are busily preparing for the upcoming Christmas Program which will take place on on December 19th at 7 pm. They are singing and memorizing their class songs, along with the all school songs. This week we will be focusing on learning the words, and we will be taking time in every class to talk about the significance behind the words they are singing to help put meaning and feeling into their performance. In between the hard work the students are doing for the Christmas Program, we are playing short music games, rhythm practice, and melodic exercises. 

Orchestra: This week, students are preparing First Christmas March for the Christmas Program. They are taking their second playing test on measures 25-40, and will be playing in small groups to practice the difficult ensemble spots in the music.