MS Math – March 20-24, 2023

6th Grade Math – Mrs. VonFeldt and Mrs. Evans

We will continue our study of algebra this week, beginning with learning how to deal with fractions in equations. We can remember that a fraction is just another way to write any number. If we use our newly developed process, we can solve any equation. We can do anything to an equation as long as we do EXACTLY the same thing to both sides of the equation. We UNDO what has been done the variable by doing the inverse operation. We can check our solutions by plugging the solution in place of the variable and checking the math. We will extend what we have learned about equations to inequalities. The following are two videos that cover the basic solutions of all one step equations. Please have your student watch them if they are needing help.

7th Grade Math – Mrs. Evans

In 7th math this week we will spend one more day practicing finding the surface area of prisms and then we will begin to find the volume of prisms. The following is a video about finding the volume of prisms:

8th Grade Math – Mrs. Evans

This week we will begin to solve systems of equations using substitution. We will then review chapter 7 and have a chapter test. Here is an example of how to solve a system of equations:

Algebra – Mrs. VonFeldt

Last week, we learned to factor quadratic expressions with a leading coefficient of 1 (x^2 + bx + c). This week we will factor expressions with a leading coefficient that is not 1. The process we use is called “factoring by grouping”. The Khan Academy video below is a great demonstration on how to use this method:

Once a quadratic is factored, it can be solved using the Zero Product Property which states that if two or more factors have a product of zero, then at least one of those factors must be zero. Quadratic equations are useful in so many real world situations such as projectile motion, bouncing balls, free falling objects, and even architecture.

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