MS Math Week of Dec. 5-16, 2022

Christmas Math Equation Gingerbread Funny T-shirt is a piece of digital artwork by Felix which was uploaded on March 17th, 2020.

6th Grade Math – Mrs. VonVeldt and Mrs. Evans

Last week we continued to learn about equivalent ratios, rates and unit rates. A unit rate is a special rate in which we compare to ONE of a thing. The denominator in a unit rate is ALWAYS one. We can turn any rate into a unit rate by dividing the numerator by the denominator. We use unit rates so we can compare rates, such as determining which car is moving faster or which bag of marshmallows cost more per gram of marshmallow. After we practiced finding and using unit rates to solve problems, we investigated how to represent equivalent rates on a graph. This is a very useful skill as we can read graphs quickly to interpolate and extrapolate information. Here is an example of how we can switch from a rate to a unit rate:

This week we will review Chapter 4 and take a test to see how well we understand. Then we will work a special Christmas project in which we will plan all the elements of a big party!

7th Grade Math – Mrs. Evans

In 7th grade math last week, we continued to practice using percentages to describe changes and to solve problems involving percent markups (like tips and taxes) and percent markdowns (like sales on Christmas shopping). We had a test on all of Unit 2 (covers both Modules 3 and 4) on Friday. Here is how we can find percent change:

This week we will develop some new vocabulary for our study of algebra which we will dive into fully when we return from Christmas break.

8th Grade Math – Mrs. Evans

Last week we will finished our “ladder assessment” in which students worked their way up a ladder of skills with increasing complexity and are discovering that they are great climbers! We then enjoyed applying what we have recently learned about squares and roots with the Pythagorean Theorem. We had a quick review of rates and unit rates (see 6th grade math above for an example of how to turn a rate into a unit rate). We will learn to solve proportions using cross multiplication and inverse operations. This week we will use proportional thinking to understand similar shapes and do a fun project in which we will scale up a gingerbread house and build it out of cardboard.

Here is a useful RAP song about the awesome Pythagorean Theorem:

Algebra – Mrs. VonFeldt

Last week, students finished Chapter 4 on writing linear equations. They now know how to write and evaluate slope-intercept equations, point-slope equations, and standard form equations. Each form is useful, depending on what initial information is given in the problem. Students should be able to take any linear function and put it in another form by rewriting.

This week we will go back to graphing equations with a fun project. Students will graph and color in a series of intersecting lines to create a “stained glass” poster. Merry Christmas everyone!

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