MS Math Jan 31 – Feb 4, 2022

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Happy Catholic Schools Week! 

We are grateful to be part of a long history of Catholic education!  

6th Grade Math – Mrs. Evans

This week we will finish our study of unit conversions with a Chapter 6 test on Thursday.  In this chapter we have learned that units can help us to set up and solve problems.  Just like numbers, units can “cancel out” leaving the correct units if we set up our problem correctly.  Our test will also cover using rate, distance and time formulas.  While rate, distance and time are related in one way, we can rearrange the formula to solve for whatever of the three we are needing.  Here are the formulas in different forms:

Math Grade Math – Mrs. Evans and Mrs. VonFeldt

This week we will conclude our algebra studies with a review on Monday and a test on Wednesday.  This topic is cumulative as each skill builds the foundation for the next.  It will cover expressions, equations and inequalities.  For students wanting to practice this week, IXL.COM (sections R, T and U) would be an excellent place to do so.  It provides immediate feedback and, when you scroll to the bottom of the page, explanation and examples of problems done correctly.  If you want more help, please reach out to Mrs. Evans or Mrs. VonFeldt.   Later in the week, we will begin our study of geometry with scale drawings.  Here is a link to IXL.         IXL | Learn 7th grade math

8th Grade Math – Mrs. Ernest

The 8th graders will be jumping into Chapter 5, which explores angles, triangles, and similarity! Students will learn how to use a protractor and learn the following terms:

Angle Relationships Vocab. Words Diagram | Quizlet

Algebra – Mrs. VonFeldt

This week, we are exploring what happens when you have a set of two equations graphed on the same axes. These are called systems of linear equations and the solution is the ordered pair where the two lines intersect, or a point that is on both lines. We will be learning three methods for solving systems of equations: Graphing, Substitution, and Elimination. Each method can be useful depending on how the equations are written. See the image below for a brief explanation of each strategy.

Topic 16: Systems of Linear Equations - UOG_MA085_Resources

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