MS Math – Nov 8-12, 2021

6th Grade Math – Mrs. Evans

We will only have 3 days of math this week as Thursday is Veterans day and Friday the 6th graders will be doing a service project.

This week will explore graphing on the coordinate system.  We will graph ordered pairs of rational numbers and analyze some interesting things about them, like quadrants, line symmetry and distance between points.  Here is a picture of the coordinate plane:

See the source image

Math Grade Math – Mrs. Evans and Mrs. VonFeldt

This week, as we work in Module 4, we will continue to learn about how to write proportional equations, how to graph them, what they look like when on a graph and how to analyze a graph for information about the proportional relationship.  Here is a video from Khan Academy about writing proportional equations: 

And here is another video from Khan Academy about graphing proportional equations:

8th Grade Math – Mrs. Ernest

Students have been learning about linear equations (y=mx+b). This unit we will transition to thinking about more complex equations, like quadratics! Students will be introduced to the exponent rules and learn more about algebra with exponents as we move forward.

Algebra – Mrs. VonFeldt

We are continuing to explore how linear functions can be written and graphed. This week we will look at proportional relationships. Proportional relationships are just linear functions that have a common ratio called the constant of proportionality, k. The graphs go through the origin. See the Khan Academy videos above in 7th grade for review.

This week we will also learn function notation. Function notation is a fancy algebraic way of writing “y”.

Function Notation (examples, solutions, videos)

The following Math Antics video is an excellent summary of what we have learned so far about linear functions: 

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