MS Math February 3 – 7, 2020

Hello Mathematicians!   Hope you are staying WARM this week!    

6th Grade Math – Mrs. Evans    

This week we begin doing algebra in Chapter 7 – Expressions.  We begin the chapter learning about exponents and how to use the order of operations when we have exponents in the equation. 

We can use a mnemonic, PEMDAS, to help us remember the order of operations:                  P – parentheses, E – exponents,  M D – multiplication & division, A S – addition & subtraction    Here is a MATH ANTICS video to help you know your order of operations:   

We will move from there into writing algebraic expressions and being able to identify terms and coefficients.     

7th Grade Math – Mrs. Evans and Mrs. VonFeldt     

This Week we are beginning geometry as we begin Module 8.  We will get out measuring tapes to sketch our classroom and make scale drawings of it, as we learn to scale dimensions using proportional thinking.   We will investigate the magnificent triangle and see what things we can know are true about this great shape.      

Did you know that you can determine the height of a tall tree using a post, shadows and proportions? Can you determine the height of this tree? 





Scale drawings are used in many different professions.  Help your students recognize where having a scale drawing would be helpful!

Algebra – Mrs. VonFeldt 

This week we begin to solve systems of linear equations, in other words, finding the point of intersection of two or more lines. We will begin by graphing and then move to algebraic ways of solving as the equations get more complicated. The two most common algebraic methods are substitution and elimination. In this chapter, students will need to use previously learned skills such as rewriting, graphing, and finding equivalent equations.