Middle School Math as May Ends and June Begins!

Happy Memorial Day!  As the year moves towards a finish, we are still busy learning new things, reviewing old and confirming our math skills!  Here are some things happening in our classes over the next few weeks:

6th Grade – Section A – Mrs. VonFeldt  

We are looking at ways to evaluate data this week. We will focus on histograms and then learn to calculate measures of central tendency such as mean, median, and mode. Next week we will focus on reviewing all that we have learned this year in preparation (and celebration) for the final test on June 6 and 7. Now is a good time for students to check their Power School for missing assignments.

6th Grade – Section B – Mrs. Evans  

We have just finished our study of geometry and will consider how to evaluate large groups of data by representing it in histograms, determining mean, mode and median of the data and considering how a piece of data can be an outlier and change the way we look at the whole set of data.  We will have a quiz on Friday and then we will review what we have learned this year.  It is always enjoyable to see how far we have come, almost without noticing!   

Pre Algebra (7th and 8th Grade) – Mrs. Evans   

Pre-algebra will finish up the study of Probability on Wednesday with a test.  The 8th graders will be gone on Thursday and Friday on retreat but we will begin to review all the things we have done this year in preparation for our end of the year test.  It is a great time for students to get a bigger picture of how their math skills have progressed!  

8th Grade Math – Mr. Pryor

Eighth grade math is taking their final test, chapter 9, on correlations and calculating lines of best fit. We will be taking a placement test and working on a project after chapter 9 is finished up.

Algebra – Mrs. VonFeldt

Algebra is winding down for the year. The students are taking their final test this week and then the 8th graders will be on retreat Thursday and Friday. The seventh grade will be working on extended learning after graduation. It has been a wonderful year and I wish everyone the best in Geometry!