Middle School Math Post – Week of April 22-26, 2019

Happy Earth Day!

6th Grade – Section A – Mrs. VonFeldt  

This week we are continuing to write equations in two variables. We will look at how to graph these relationships on a coordinate plane and find solutions on the graph. This is a preview into the algebraic study of linear equations. There will be a Chapter 9 test on Friday.

6th Grade – Section B – Mrs. Evans  

This week our section of 6th grade will continue working on Chapter 9 in which we will be extending our understanding of writing equations to writing equations with a dependent and independent variable, translating between equations and tables and graphs.  We will do problem solving using these tools to make conclusions.  

      IXL has excellent practice –TWO VARIABLE EQUATIONS – BB.1 through BB.10

Pre Algebra (7th and 8th Grade) – Mrs. Evans   

Pre-algebra continue in our studies of statistics and probability!  This week, we are comparing data from multiple dot and box plots.  We are learning to make inferences (predictions) about the populations from the plots and also by using proportional reasoning.     

For fun, here is another optical illusion reminding us that we have to be very cautious in determining whether we are biased or not.  What do you see in these pictures? 


8th Grade Math – Mr. Pryor

Eighth grade math is almost halfway through chapter 8. We are graphing now in standard and slope-intercept form and looking at manipulations. 

Algebra – Mrs. VonFeldt

Students continue to solve quadratic equations. They now have four strategies to use: Factoring, Graphing, Completing the Square, and the Quadratic Formula. At the end of the week we will expand our study to include solving systems of quadratic equations. The test will be next week.