Middle School Math for the Week of March 18-22

6th Grade – Section A – Mrs. VonFeldt  

This week we continue to solve one-step algebraic equations with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. We have used tiles to model our steps and then learned how to show each step algebraically. The following video is a great review of how to solve multiplication and division problems.

Math Antics: Solving Basic Algebraic Equations

6th Grade – Section B – Mrs. Evans   

As we continue our study of algebraic expressions in Chapter 8, we will be modeling equations and then solving them algebraically.  We will begin with simple one step equations which are intuitive and then use what we learn to solve equations that are less obvious.  Solving equations is like keeping a big scale well balanced as we move objects onto and off of each side of the scale.  There are a few topics that students can review at Khan Academy to help them in their work this week.  

Why aren’t we using the multiplication sign?

 Using the Distributive Property

Pre Algebra (7th and 8th Grade) – Mrs. Evans   

We are in the process, in Module 9, of learning about the properties of circles, formulas for circumference and area.  We will then move to calculation the area of composite figures by breaking them down into shapes for which we know how to calculate the area. This is a fun application of math, allowing us to be creative and look at things in new ways.  We will also be looking at how to determine the surface area of prisms, cubes and composite solids.   For more instruction on one of these topics see the links to Khan Academy below: 

Area of Composite Shapes

8th Grade Math – Mr. Pryor

Eighth grade math is working on multi-step, multi-term algebraic expressions. We will be done with section 7.3 this week and there will be a test after section 7.4.

Algebra – Mrs. VonFeldt   

We continue to work with polynomials in Algebra. The students have learned to multiply binomials using FOIL. We are now reversing that process to factoring quadratics in order to solve equations. There will be a Chapter 8 test next week.



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