Middle School Math March 11-14

   Happy Pi Day!!!

6th Grade – Section A – Mrs. VonFeldt  

This week we continue to study algebraic expressions. We will complete Chapter 7 and have our test on Tuesday. In Chapter 8 we will use our understanding of algebraic expressions to begin solving algebraic equations. We will end the week with a celebration of Pi Day! π

6th Grade – Section B – Mrs. Evans   

This week we are continuing to learn about algebraic expressions as we finish Chapter 7 and move onto Chapter 8.  Due to the snow last week, and the late arrival, we shifted our test to Tuesday of this week.  After our test, we will begin to extend our understanding of algebraic expressions and equations.   Below is a link to Khan Academy for extra explanations and lessons.

Khan Academy Expressions and Variables for 6th Grade

Pre Algebra (7th and 8th Grade) – Mrs. Evans   

We will have our test on Tuesday as it was postponed due to our delayed start last week.   After our test we will continue in our study of geometry, in particular, calculating the perimeter and area of circles.  We will even be calculating the value for pi – which is great because Thursday is Pi Day!     

8th Grade Math – Mr. Pryor

The 8th grade math class exploring multiple-term equations and solving for the variable. These equations involve fractional terms which will require finding a least common denominator across the equation. We will be doing an activity this week involving multiple-term equations.

Algebra – Mrs. VonFeldt   

This week the students students are learning to multiply polynomials. We will begin by modeling binomial multiplication and move on to learning some algebraic short-cuts, inluding the FOIL method. Thursday of this week is Pi Day! Of course, we will have some fun with Pi (and pie too).