Middle School Math at the Close of February!

News ~ Middle School Math this Week!     

6th Grade – Section A – Mrs. VonFeldt  

This week we will continue Chapter 7. Students will write and evaluate numbers in exponential form. We will also review the order of operations using PEMDAS. These skills will be essential as we begin writing algebriac expressions.

6th Grade – Section B – Mrs. Evans   

This week we are moving into Chapter 7.  We begin with exponents and reviewing how to do mathematical expressions in the proper order using PEMDAS.  We will begin writing algebraic expressions.  Remember that IXL is a great place to gain practice and build confidence.  

Pre Algebra (7th and 8th Grade) – Mrs. Evans   

We are excited to begin studying geometry this week.   Last Friday we measured our classroom and created rough sketches with the dimensions.  This week, we will be creating scale drawings of our classroom and extending what we learn to evaluate scaling objects up and down.  Scale drawings can show things smaller than the drawing or larger.  Please visit the link below to see the subject explained by Khan Academy:

Scale Drawings

The following link is to an excellent interactive practice site, also by Khan Academy.

Practice Creating Scale Drawings

After investigating scale drawings, we will move into drawing triangles, using protractors and visualizing what happens when a plane dissects a 3D figure! 

8th Grade Math – Mr. Pryor

The 8th grade math class finishing our calculations of volume and surface area of spheres. This was chapter 6.4. We have class time to work on a year-long review before our test on Friday on chapter 6.

Algebra – Mrs. VonFeldt   

This week we will begin Chapter 7 by simplifying exponential expressions using properties of exponents. At the end of the week the students will look at real world applications of exponential growth and decay.