Seesaw is a private app that all parents have a private account.  Seesaw is not a social media account.  It is a useful tool that teachers and parents talk highly about!

Did you ever wonder what your child is really doing in school all day? When they get into the car and you ask them, “How was your day?” a child’s answer, “Good.” Parent, “What was your favorite part of your day?” a child’s answer, “I don’t know”.

I use Seesaw in my classroom to keep you connected and informed of everything we are doing in the classroom and any events coming up. I also use it to alleviate the pain of asking your child the same question every day and receiving the same answer.  Seesaw is used by individual students to record their daily work, read to you, count, and show you work they are doing while I am working with them.  You are able to see first hand how your child is doing all day long on your Seesaw app.