Picture Gallery

April 9, 2019- First graders make instruments out of recycled materials.

March 21, 2019- First grade students write prayers to add to their Lenten suitcases.

March 14, 2019- First graders share pictures and stories about their recently discovered constellations.

March 5, 2019- First graders write stories about fun things they do with their grandparents.

3/1/2019- First grade students participate in Read Across America by spending time buddy reading with seventh grade partners.

2/8/2019- First grade students share pictures on their timelines with classmates.

1/28/2019- First graders present narrative stories about an animal character.

1/17/2019- First grade teams share hibernating habitats with classmates.

1/7/2019- First graders work in groups to make structures with solid shapes.

12/5/2018- Students share science vocabulary definitions and pictures with classmates.

11/27/2018- First grade students work in teams to prepare a kale salad.

11/16/2016- Clifford the big red dog, visits the first graders.

11/15/2018- First grade students work in pairs to tell and solve subtraction stories.

11/6/2018- First grade students follow the directions from Mrs. Luciana Navarro Powell to create crayon and watercolor pictures.

10/25/2018- First graders work use paper to make animal adaptions for an air bowling game.

10/15/2018- First graders work in teams to build barriers for Baby Bears’ house.

10/9/2018- First graders observe different kinds of seeds.

9/28/18- First graders illustrate items they could find in a Catholic Church

9/21/18- First graders practice buddy reading.