Week 8- October 18-22, 2021

Mrs. McClurg’s First Grade 

October 18-22, 2021 

 Concepts Covered This Week:  


  • We listened to the Gospel story where Jesus calls us to serve others. 
  • We learned that all things created by God show his love for us. 
  • We made a list of people who care for us.  
  • We practiced saying prayers of thanks. 

Language Arts: 

  • We practiced ways to read nonfiction science articles for information. 
  • We read, then illustrated a poem about the wind. 
  • We practiced reading stories with high frequency sight words. 
  • We used these words to write sentences about animals that would fit in our laps and descriptions of our families. 
  • We listened to a story about Clifford’s busy week, then wrote a journal entry about our busy weeks.  
  • We practiced the correct formation of all letters.  We also practiced writing rhyming words and words with the same ending sounds. 
  • We listened to many stories about autumn days and pumpkins. 


  • We continued to use the math vocabulary words; whole, part, sum, addend, plus and equals. 
  • We used number bonds to help us solve addition problems. 
  • We practiced using different combinations of numbers to come up with the same sum. 
  • We continue to work with the communitive property of addition by adding parts (addends) in any order to come up with the same whole(sum). 
  • We played games with number cards to practice our addition strategies. 
  • We counted to 36, representing the number of days in school by using dimes and pennies. 

 Social Studies/Science: 

  • We began to test our barriers to see if they would keep Goldilocks out of Baby Bear’s yard.  So far, all barriers tested have met the three criteria.  
  • We continued to practice active listening using the steps from the Second Step program. 
  • We learned that our bodies are special and precious.  Sometimes our bodies may have real or imagined boundaries that help to keep us safe. 
  • We discussed some ways to use an assertive voice to tell a person when they have made us feel scared or unsafe. 

 Specialist Classes- Physical Education/Art/Music/Spanish/Library: 

  • In art we used paper and streamers to create spiders.  This activity required active listening and focus.  We also added black silhouettes to our spooky background. 
  • In music we continued to explore tone color (timbre) with the book, My Many-Colored Days.  We presented our musical interpretation of the book to our teacher. 
  • In physical education we learned how to toss and catch a ball and how to keep our bodies and equipment in control. We have had a great week of active listening and waiting for the music as a cue to begin. 
  • In Spanish we practiced reciting The Lord’s Prayer in Spanish. We learned words to describe seasons and weather. 
  • At the library, we listened to a Halloween story and checked out 2 books of personal interest.



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