Week 5- September 27-October 1, 2021

Concepts Covered This Week:  


  • We listened to the Gospel story where we learned we belong to God’s family. 
  • We identified many items in a Catholic Church. 
  • We learned that when we gather in Jesus’ name, he is with us. 
  • We identified our parish churches. 
  • We participated in the weekly school Mass 

Language Arts: 

  • We identified parts of a nonfiction book. 
  • We read, then illustrated a poem about friends. 
  • We wrote and illustrated words in the -et and –en word families. 
  • We continued to listen to shared stories from a book about families.  We then wrote what the stories made us think about.   
  • We practiced the correct formation of the letters a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,I,j,I,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t and x and reviewed the sounds that these letters make. 


  • We used number bonds to show the parts and whole for a given number. 
  • We used cubes, pictures, number bonds and numbers to show different ways to make a given number (5 is 2 and 3, 1and 4, 0 and 5). 
  • We completed a calendar and weather graph for the month of September. 
  • We counted to 22 with coins by using two dimes and two pennies. 
  • We completed a first-grade math inventory test. 

Social Studies/Science:  

  • We learned that self-talk means talking to yourself in a quiet voice or inside your head.   
  • We practiced using self-talk to help us focus and ignore distractions. 
  • We learned how the author/illustrator, Yuyi Morales, comes up with ideas for books.  She also showed us how she turns an idea into a story. 

Specialist Classes- Physical Education/Art/Music/Spanish/Library: 

  • In art we draw the outline of a snake, then add lines with crayons and paint to the body with watercolors.  We practiced using vocabulary words to describe these lines: straight, hills, dots, zigzag, dashes, clouds, castle, loops and waves.    We also finished painting our fall landscapes with watercolors.   
  • In music we explored tone color (timbre) with the book, My Many Colored Days.  We learned to convey mood using musical instruments. 
  • In physical education we practiced a variety of movements, pathways, and levels with juggling scarves. 
  • In Spanish we practiced greetings and counting to 20.  We listened to the story, The Three Bears and learned the names of the characters in Spanish. 
  • At the library, we listened to a story and checked out 2 books of personal interest.

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