Week 25- March 2-6, 2020

Concepts covered this week


  • We defined prayer as listening to and speaking to Jesus.
  •  We illustrated Stations of the Cross with our fourth grade buddies.
  •  We practiced different kinds of prayer: a thank you prayer, a blessing and a prayer of praise.
  •  We wrote a journal entry about Lent, stating some of the ways we are getting closer to Jesus.
  •  We made symbols of prayer for our Lenten suitcases.

Language Arts:

  •  We practiced reading and writing long a words (a-e words).
  •  We practiced identifying and writing verb ending with –s and –ed.
  •  We practiced reading and identifying words with the ch-, th- and sh- diagraphs.
  •  We practiced using the questions to write answers for listening center stories


  •  We used cubes, pictures, numbers and flash cards to practice the addition strategies of double and double +1.
  •  We used cubes and pictures to demonstrate the addition strategy of make a ten.
  • We practiced using a 100 chart to find 10 more of a given number.

Science/Social Studies:

  •  We completed the chapter on the United States of America by reading our notes and study guides, then taking a unit test.
  •  We worked with our fourth grade buddies to construction models of national symbols or landmarks.

Physical Education/Music/Spanish/Art

  •  In Physical Education we developed ball handling skills relating to volleyball and basketball.
  •  In Music we sang, moved and created new verses to the song When I Was One. We also learned the new Solfege syllable la, and explored its relationship to the syllables sol and mi.
  •  In Spanish we reviewed topics with songs, repetitions and movement. We prayed the Holy Trinity. We also practiced courtesy words, colors and numbers 0-20. We sang the months of the year and the days of the week.
  • In Art we learned about light and color by designing and creating stained glass window.
  •  In the computer lab, we practiced using a credible source to view pictures of a national symbol.
  •  We listened to folk tales and fairy tales in class.

This week we are asked to contribute $.25 to the rice bowl when we help someone in need. Many first graders have been helping others in class. If you are called to participate in this service project, your donation is welcomed.

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