Week 17- January 6-10, 2020

Concepts covered this week


  • We listened to the Gospel story of the Epiphany and made group pictures of the three wise men.
  • We learned about the Holy Family and compared Jesus family life to our family lives.
  • We listened to a story that showed helping others as an act of kindness.
  • We participated in a school Mass and noticed the colors and symbols of the Christmas Season.

Language Arts:

  • We practiced reading and writing words with short u vowels and beginning blends.
  • We read fiction stories about pets.
  • We identified action verbs in our stories, then wrote sentences using some of these verbs.
  • We practiced reading and writing proper nouns.
  • We wrote answers to literacy questions where we supported our idea with an event from the story.
  • We practiced finding a “just right” reading book to read by ourselves or with a buddy.


  • We reviewed vocabulary words associated with shapes.
  • We practiced combining shapes to make a new shape.
  • We broke complicated structures into individual shapes.

Science/Social Studies:

  • We learned about the four things animals need to survive: air, food, water and shelter.
  • We reviewed our individual answers to the questions: How do animals know winter is coming?
  • We began to read about how animals survive the winter.

Physical Education/Spanish/Art/Music

  • In Physical Education, we began a rhythm and dance unit by dancing to simple children circle dances.
  • In Spanish, we reviewed listening exercises and practiced songs for directional words. We completed an activity emphasizing the Epiphany.
  • In Art, we created an image of Mary for winter.
  • In Music,we practiced reading eighth and quarter note rhythms using the song Strawberry Shortcake. We also listening to Winter by Vivaldi and used balloons to move to the beat of music.