Weeks 12 & 13- November 18-27, 2019

November 18-27, 2019              Concepts covered this week


  • We discussed the Gospel story where Jesus shows love by forgiving.
  • We also discussed what it means to be thankful.
  • We identified actions and words that show we are thankful.
  • We listened to two Gospel stories that demonstrate being thankful.
  • We participated in a Mass and Prayer Service.

Language Arts:

  • We practiced reading and writing words with the short “o” sound.
  • We practiced reading and writing words with –s and –ing endings.
  • We read stories about frogs and ways we can help the members of our families.
  • We wrote listening center response sentences with a subject and a predicate.
  • We read all our sight words and learned to find a “just right” reading book.


  • We reviewed the math vocabulary words: subtraction sentence, whole, parts and difference.
  • We reviewed strategies to solve subtraction problems.
  • We practiced listening to and making subtraction sentences problems.
  • We worked with partners on various problem solving techniques.

Science/Social Studies:

  • We practiced finding continents and oceans on a world map and a globe.
  • We worked with a partner to find picture examples of different land masses and water sources.
  • We learned about the life of Pilgrim children by reading a news articles and watching a Scholastic News video.
  • We discussed the significance of Thanksgiving.

Physical Education/Spanish/Music/Art:

  • In Physical Education, we practiced movement on the bars, balance beam, mini tramp and mats .We focused on safety and taking turns, sharing the mat and head “tucks” for forward rolls.
  • In Spanish,we reviewed previous lessons with songs and repetitions with movements. We learn words to ask for help and to offer thanks
  • In Music, we began to prepare for the Christmas Program. We practiced our song, Go Tell it on the Mountain. We discussed the lyrics, some vocabulary words and the importance of intonation when making music.
  • In Art, we made a landscape using analogous colors.

Thank you for providing insightful comments great dialogue during Parent/Teacher conferences.

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