Week 8- October 21-25, 2019

Concepts covered this week:


  • We listened to Sunday’s Gospel story and learned that God answers our prayers and gives us what we need.
  • We participated in the Virtus safety program, learned about personal boundaries and how they change according to different people and situations.
  • We participated in an All School Mass.

Language Arts:

  • We practiced reading and writing short “a” words.
  • We completed writing descriptive sentences and listening center responses.
  • We practiced the concept of ending sounds and reviewed opposite words.
  • We wrote personal invitations to our grandparents for Grandparent’s Day.


  • We practiced using addition vocabulary words: add, add on, plus, equals, sum, addition sentence.
  • We used models, pictures and numbers to show additions sentences to ten.
  • We practiced the strategy of counting on from the largest number.
  • We learned that you can add two numbers in any order and end up with the same answer (commutative property of addition)
Social Studies/ Science
  • We continued to work in teams to build a barrier mimicking plant protection parts.
  • We tested of our barriers to see if they would keep Goldilocks away from the Bear’s house.  Some teams made adjustments to their barriers.
Physical Education/Spanish/Music/Art
  • In Physical Education we learned where the lungs are located and how to keep our lungs healthy.
  • In Music we learned that rhythms come from words in the song. We played the rhythm of  Today is Monday on instruments. We added creative body percussion motions to the story The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything.
  • In Art we learned about using cut paper shapes to make a whole-class art piece.
  • In Spanish we reviewed words and numbers with songs and repetitions with movement or class activities.We also learned about the tradition of the day of the dead.
Next Week:
  • On Wednesday, we will travel to St. Francis Care Center to share songs and cheer. Parents are welcome to walk with us. We will leave at 9:45AM.
  • On Thursday, we will celebrate Halloween with a class party sponsored by our parents.
  • On Friday, we will celebrate All Saint’s Day with the parish community.

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