Week 7- October 14-18, 2019

October 18, 2019- Concepts covered this week
  • We listened to Sunday’s Gospel story and recognized the importance of thanking Jesus.
  • We listened to both versions of the Creation story.
  • We discussed and illustrated ways we can care for creation.
  • We identified people that help and care for us.
Language Arts:
  • We practiced reading and writing short “a” words.
  • We wrote literature responses in a complete sentence.
  • We identified rhyming words and familiar ending sounds.
  • We identified and illustrated words that describe other things.
  • We read and illustrated poems about cats.
  • We practiced reading more sight words and cvc words(words like nap).
  • We reviewed the math vocabulary words: whole, parts, add, add on and 1 more.
  • We had a unit review on number order and number bonds. We will continue to review these concepts.
  • We used pictures to tell addition stories.
  • We used the weather graph to show 1 more and 1 less.
Social Studies/ Science
  • We identified ways seeds travel and planted seeds at the school garden.
  • We designed individual prototypes, then worked in teams to build a barrier following the given criteria.
  • We participated in an earthquake drill.
Physical Education/ Spanish/Music/ Art/Computer Lab:
  • In Physical Education we practiced keeping our eye on the ball and manipulated balls with our feet. We improved shoulder strength through a variety of changing challenges.
  • In Spanish we reviewed directions with songs, practiced simple sentences such as “wait, again, please, help, repeat, etc.” We learned a new song about autumn, reviewed numbers 1-10 and the Sign of the Cross.
  • In Music, we played an Orff accompaniment on xylophones and glockenspiels for the song Bye Low Baby Oh, and sang Hey Betty Martin to differentiate between beat and rhythm.We also used popsicle sticks to tap our rhythms of the songs we know.
  • In Art we learned about different kinds of shapes, as well as reflection and monochromatic colors.We made monsters and fall landscapes.
Next Week:
  • We will practice reading new sight words: are, make, play, find, friend
  • We will practice and write new spelling words: at, cat, nap, sad, g
  • We will begin the Virtus safety lessons on boundaries.

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