Week 2- September 9-13, 2019


  • We listened to the bible story where Jesus tells us “I am the Good Shepherd”.
  • We defined a church community.
  • We gave examples of how church members show love to each other.
  • We participated in an All School Mass. 

Language Arts:

  • We practiced reading sight words.
  • We practiced the correct formation of the letters: b,c,f,h,k,l,m,n,p,r and t.
  • We worked with –at, -an and -ap word families.
  • We practiced buddy reading with an assigned partner.
  • We wrote a sentence or two in our journals using the new sight words. 


  • We reviewed math vocabulary words: more, greater, less, fewer before, after and between.
  • We practiced matching numbers 1-10 to the correct number names.
  • We reviewed ordinal numbers and practiced matching the ordinal word to a position in a picture.
  • We used pictures and patterns to solve real world problems. 

Social Studies/Science:

  • We defined and illustrated the word community in our Social Studies journal.
  • We identified and illustrated people in our school community that can help us stay safe and follow directions and rules. 

Art/Music/Physical Education/Spanish:

  • In our first grade classroom we made self-portraits, sheep for Jesus’ flock and learned new songs and stretches to help with class transitions.
  • In Art we worked with clay, then markers and paper to create animals.
  • In Music we explored tempo with the song The Grand Old Duke of York. We also labeled beat and rhythm with the song Choo Choo Train, and continued to practice classroom procedures.
  • In Physical Education we practiced jump rope skills, worked with a partner to follow movement directions and participated in group parachute activities.
  • In Spanish we reviewed classroom rules, reviewed how to greet and say goodbye to someone. We also practiced saying and responding to words for body position and voice control. 

Next Week:

  • We will have our first visit to the school garden on Tuesday, September 17th. We will also have individual photos
  • We will have our first Early Release and casual uniform day on Wednesday, September 18th.
  • We will have our first spelling test on Thursday. The 4 words tested will be: I, see, and, the.
  • We will read stories with some new sight words. The new words are: is, it, in, big, have, little.

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