Welcome to First Grade

August 28, 2019

Welcome to First Grade!

This year we have twenty-four wonderful first grade students, one teacher and one morning instructional assistant.

Each morning, we will line up on the playground in our designated spot.  I will meet the students outside and lead them into the building through the side entrance.  Parents that need to enter the building may come in through the front door.

Students will need to have a snack every day, even on early release days.   They will need a lunch and a snack on all regularly scheduled class days.

After school, students will go to their assigned sign at the traffic loop and wait for you to pick them up.  If a student is in EDP, he/she will go to the Library and sign in.  If a student is in a carpool, please let Mrs. Dennis and Mrs. McClurg know where your child is to wait.  I will inform the teacher at that sign that your child will be there that day.

Your child will have an agenda and nightly homework.  He/she is to do the homework at home or EDP, and return it to school the next day.  The daily homework will be written in the student agenda.  It is a very good idea to check the agenda daily for student homework and notes.  I initial the homework and it is a good idea for parents to do the same.     I always tell students it is not your mom’s homework, it is yours!

I look forward to meeting each of you at Curriculum Night on September 11th.  I will highlight first grade curriculum and go over my classroom management program and grading system. If you have questions you may e-mail my school address or leave a telephone message.  I will get back to you within 24 hours.

We have going to have a fantastic first grade year.




Paige C. McClurg