Week 34- May 6-10, 2019

Concepts covered this week


  • We listened to and discussed the Gospel story of Fish for Breakfast.
  • We learned that Sacraments are special signs of God’s love.
  • We learned that we receive the Holy Spirit through the Sacraments. We focused on the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation.
  • We discussed ways that the Holy Spirit can help us to make good choices.

Language Arts:

  • We practiced reading and writing long a (ai, ay, a-e) words.
  • We read and discussed stories about feelings, our five senses and what happens when a person or animal gets lost.
  • We completed a “How to” Book.  We began to share them with our classmates.
  • We wrote two part answers to literature questions where we supported our answer with evidence from the story.
  • We published beautiful stories about some very special women.


  • We used blocks, pictures and numbers to represent numbers to 100.
  • We compared groups of numbers by using the vocabulary words more than, less than, greatest and least.

Science/Social Studies:

  • We used tissue paper to make a translucent window and displayed the results in our classroom.
  • We went on a scavenger hunt to find real-life transparent, translucent and opaque materials in our school.
  • We began to look at our different cultures and how this influences our family choices.

Physical Education/Spanish/Music/Art

  •  In Physical Education, we practiced striking skills using bats and golf clubs. We practiced the baseball skills of throwing and fielding in stations. Students are expected to practice sportsmanship by using encouraging words to support others
  • In Spanish, we reviewed colors, letters and food items and made a plate of our favorite foods.  We welcomed Maestro Christina who was our teacher this week.
  • In Music, we listened to songs that we learned and analyzed them for rhythm. We explored sixteenth notes visually, aurally and physically. We added an Orff instrument accompaniment, and practiced a “mi re do” pattern on xylophones.
  • No Art with Mrs. Gottschalk this week. In class we listened to a story about Henry Matisse and used our scissors to “paint” a picture in style he used later in his life.

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