Week 26- March 4-8

Concepts covered this week


  • We visited the Blessed Sacrament Chapel and discussed the significance of the tabernacle.
  • We described Lent as a 40-day journey with Jesus. We made Lenten suitcases to take on our journey.
  • We talked about the three pillars of Lent: praying, fasting and almsgiving. We gave examples of what this might look like for a first grader.
  • We learned about little boy from Guatemala and how important nutritious food is for all people.

Language Arts:

  • We practiced reading and writing long o words (o-e words).
  • We read and wrote words with sh and wh diagraphs.
  • We read realistic stories about extended families.
  • We practiced backing up an opinion with literary proof from the story.
  • We wrote a journal entry about a new constellation of stars.
  • We read interesting non-fiction books about stars, constellations and space.


  • We reviewed the vocabulary words associated with addition of numbers.
  • We reviewed the strategy of breaking a number in to a ten and ones and used this to solve addition problems.
  • We made flash cards for the double number addition facts. (3+3=6)
  • We used double addition facts to learn the double plus one addition strategy.

Science/Social Studies:

  • We learned about Polaris and the constellation Ursa Major.
  • We made pictures of the night sky and located Polaris and Ursa Major in our pictures.
  • We made a pictures of our own constellations and wrote a stories to explain these new stars.

Physical Education/Music/Art/Spanish

  • In Physical Education, we practiced ball handling using basketballs and volleyballs. Next week we will participate in Jump for Heart. This American Heart Association supported event is an opportunity to learn more about our healthy heart and to donate to this national organization. Each student is encouraged to raise $15.00
  • In Music, we learned a song with solfege using the new pitch Do. We learned about musical ostinato, and added a body percussion rhythmic ostinato to the song. We also learned to sing the new Mass setting.
  • In Art, we learned about geometry in quilt patterns and cut out shapes for our paper quilt.
  • In Spanish, we continued to review family names and colors. We listened to popular children’s stories in Spanish.


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