Week 21- January 28-February 1

Concepts covered this week


  • We attended a K-8 Mass honoring our distinguished alumni.
  • We discussed what makes our school a Catholic school and found items that show our Catholic identity.
  • We participated in a service project where we wrote thank you signs to first responders in our community. We also participated in an assembly honoring these community members.

Language Arts:

  • We practiced reading and writing words with short vowels and blends.
  • We practiced reading and writing words with inflected endings and making contractions.
  • We presented our animal narratives and puppets to an audience.
  • We wrote a journal entry about Assumption Catholic School.
  • We worked on writing complete sentences with a subject and a predicate.


  • We wrote and compared 2 digit numbers by looking at groups of tens and ones.
  • We reviewed the words; more, greater, less and fewer and used them when comparing two numbers.
  • We used problem solving skills to write sentences about two sets of numbers.

Science/Social Studies:

  • We read about and discussed the following vocabulary words; past, present, future, change, timeline and tool.
  • We read about and shared items from family members that have changes over time.
  • We watched a demonstration where 3 “guest “students shared their timelines.  We asked very good questions about the process they used to make the timelines.

Physical Education/Music/Art/Spanish

  • In Physical Education, we are working on children’s dances and practicing the Mexican Hat Dance for the event on February 10th.
  • In Music, we reviewed quarter notes, eighth notes, and quarter rests and learned to decipher them aurally by doing ear training exercises. We also reviewed Solfege syllables mi, sol and la.
  • In Art, we made a dragon mask for Chinese new Year.
  • In Spanish, we learned about fruits and vegetables and selected other foods by designing our favorite foods on a dinner plate, and by word finds.
  • We listened to many stories about the odd bird, “Tacky the Penguin.”
  • Our fourth grade friends helped us to find digital images of people preforming the Mexican Hat Dance.



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