Week 5- September 24-28, 2018

Concepts covered this week
• We practiced responding to Father’s blessing with the words “and with your Spirit.”
• We practiced for our Mass and discussed what it means to be reverent and respectful.
• We drew pictures of our parishes and discussed what makes them different and what they have in common.

Language Arts:
• We reviewed letter sounds and correct letter formation of all consonants.
• We began to look at vowels in 3 letter words ( also known as cvc words)
• We practiced reading many sight words in phonic reading stories.
• We identified words in the –et, and -en word families.
• We looked at ways to build ideas into complete sentences.
• We listened to a story and responded to a literacy question in a complete sentence.

• We defined and used the math vocabulary words; number bond, whole and part.
• We explored different combinations of a magic number using counters, picture, and numbers bonds.
• We completed a chapter review and test.
Science/Social Studies:
• We participated in a class election. (Dog won as the favorite class pet.)
• We completed a chapter review and test.
• We identified and found different parts of plants at the school garden.
• We identified different plant parts under a magnifying glass.

Physical Education/Music/Art/Spanish/ Computer Lab
• In Physical Education, we enhanced personal development of visual concentration on moving objects by using bean bags and balls.
• In Music we practiced the concept of beat versus rhythm by using chants and body percussion. We also recognized solfege intervals mi-sol-la in familiar songs.
• In Spanish, we discussed social issues like homelessness and looked at how they are depicted in murals. We learned about Diego Rivera and then created a class social justice mural.
• In Art, we created an artwork based on concentric circles of primary and secondary colors in the style of Wasilly Kandinsky (with a first grade touch).
• At the computer lab, we practiced signing on and off the computers and found our names and books lists on the RAZ Kids program.