Newsletter for the Week of October 29, 2018

I want to give a very special thanks for Mr. and Mrs. Lockhart and all of the other parents who were instrumental in putting together the food and fun for our Halloween party! 

I want to thank the fifth graders who worked so hard to practice for the All Saints’ Day mass.
I want to thank everyone for being such an integral part of Assumption Catholic School.  I have such a wonderful class of students who work hard and play hard!   

What’s up? 

Math: We are finishing Chapter 2 and we are going to take the test on Friday.  Phew!  Good job on long division, everybody! 

Literacy: We are finishing “The Wolves of Willoughby Chase,” “The Sign of the Beaver,” and “Hatchet.”  The assessments for these books will revolve around character development. Our new literacy books starting next week are “Among the Hidden,” “A Year Down Yonder,” and “Because of Winn-Dixie.”  I know that the students will love reading these books because they some of the best books on the literacy circle shelf!   

Grammar/ELA: Students did a review of synonyms and antonyms.  Students finished their position papers.  We will revisit the section of writing that has to do with making a proper bibliography next week. 

Social Studies: Students are beginning a new chapter in social studies that has to do with historical perspectives.  We looked at a timeline of some events in the United States to get a perspective on how many years have passed since the Revolutionary War to 2007-2008 when the students were born.   

Religion: Students have been practicing in the church for the All Saints’ Day mass.  They’ve been discussing the subject of sacramentals and how some of them are very sentimental.  Sacramentals are a helpful and tangible way to remind us to pray and be faithful.  Students are also being introduced to ACRE test vocabulary.  (They’ll take the ACRE test in the spring.) 

Science: Students are finishing their four spheres pictures and writings.  They are reflecting upon God’s creation and how we are called to be good stewards of the earth.  Most students feel very strongly in their mission to find solutions that will help them make the earth a cleaner place to live.  Some have mentioned electric motors as a good replacement for gas-powered engines.  (Do you see how I incorporated some Unit 9 spelling words in there?!?) 



Announcement: The music directors are looking for a student soloist to sing O Holy Night in our upcoming Christmas Program. Students who are interested will audition for Mrs. Beshara and Mr. Mabalot. This opportunity is open to all grades, so please encourage those who like to sing to try out for the part! Exact date and time for the audition will be announced soon.   

This week in music class, grades 4-5 are practicing ensemble playing with a song called Falling Leaves that uses voice, xylophones and glockenspiels. They are also playing a harmony on xylophones and glockenspiels, learning basic playing technique and practicing classroom instrument playing procedures. They will also start singing Christmas carols this week in preparation to upcoming performances. 


5th grade had special guests teach them how to make “papel picado” paper cutouts! 

5-8th Grade read “Little Red Riding Hood” in Spanish.  

Physical Education: 

In physical education students have reviewed the rules and will begin playing games to demonstrate knowledge and skill of Flag football.  Sportsmanship and humility are encouraged as we start playing games. SLE 4. A person of integrity who consistently: C. makes moral choices that preserve the sacredness of the human person. 

This Week’s SLE:  

A Servant Leader of Assumption Catholic School is an effective communicator who articulates ideas and resolves conflicts orally and in writing. 

Students who have shown this skill this week are: Kieran, Sophia, Jazmyn, and Christina.  Thank you! 


Friday, November 2nd  

  • Free dress for all students from Principal for a Day announcement last week  
  • No School Mass today