Newsletter for the Week of November 19, 2018

I pray that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  If you are traveling or have friends or family traveling to see you, I hope for safe passage for all.  I pray in Thanksgiving to all of you who helped fill Hope House with hundreds of cans and boxes of food.  Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and blessings!

Math: Students are working with place values of decimals.   CC.5.NBT.3a: understand the place value system.

Spelling: We will resume spelling lessons next week with Unit 11

Literacy: Students are nearing the end of their literacy books.  Next week we will do a second round of the same set of books so that other students can enjoy these stories as well.  We continue to read and discuss the story, especially discussing the authors’ purpose in all of the writings.  We are also talking about the colloquialisms, slang, and idioms in Because of Winn-Dixie and A Year Down Yonder since the settings are unfamiliar to most of the students.

English Language Arts: We are going back to the basics in paragraph writing.  Our focus is on how to write a strong conclusion and how to expand our vocabulary to include more varied words.  The thesaurus is our best friend this week.

Religion: Students stood in the cold and passed canned food to Hope House in our annual all school service learning project.  We are testing in our 5th grade prayers and practicing our ACRE vocabulary.

Social Studies:  Students have studied for their Chapter 3 social studies test and learned to think like an historian.  You will see pictures on my web page of ‘artifacts’ that I brought from home so that students could ask questions like an historian would.

Garden/Cooking:  The school garden has been put to sleep for the winter and now students will learn to use the food that they grew to make delicious meals.  This week they made a kale salad.  Nature, Garrett, and Kieran really loved the salad!

Science: Students are continuing to work in cooperative groups to create their food webs.




I want to let you know what has been going on in Spanish class. Earlier in the school year we started working with identifying nouns in Spanish. Then we looked at making nouns plural. Next we looked at identifying adjectives and seeing how they agree with the nouns they modify. I added definite and indefinite articles and talked about gender in nouns.


Well, we are finally putting it all together in a unit called the “home.” We are looking at all kinds of vocabulary dealing with the home, their bedrooms, the neighborhood and also doing appropriate grammar with it. The end result is that your kids are starting to build sentences in Spanish.


So, “the door” becomes “the red door” becomes “There is a red door.”


I am doing this from 2nd grade through 5th grade with Kindergarten and 1st grade still just learning to identify the vocabulary. But they will get there!