Classroom Newsletter for the Week of March 9, 2020

Dear Families,

I hope that you are all healthy.  I heard that one of my students prayed for me since I was not at school on Wednesday and Thursday.  (I stayed home with my son who has a double ear infection.)  Thank you for your prayers and thanks to Mrs. Williams, substitute extraordinaire!

I realize that there are many questions and disruptions of work, school, routines, and shopping trips for toilet paper, but I have so much faith that we will get through this.  The faculty met today to explore ways to provide your children with the best education that we can give them.  I will email you on Monday to let  you know what that will look like for 5th graders.

I put together some of the work that I hope students will do for the next six weeks.  If you are available to do so, please pick these items up from the classroom on Monday.  Each student has these materials on his or her desk.

Remember that the Bellingham Public Library provides books through Libby if your child needs reading materials.

This week:

Math: adding and subtracting fractions

Reading: “Where the Red Fern Grows,” “Old Yeller,” “The Secret Garden,” and “Summer of the Monkeys” were read in literacy circles.  Students looked for the author’s purpose and the setting.  When these books are finished, we will be reading “Esperanza Rising” as a whole class.  This will be done during the distance learning days.

Writing: Some students finished their business letters and couplets.  Students reviewed capitalization of proper nouns.

Science: Students planned the making of their robots and told the class why they chose certain materials to withstand the atmosphere of the planets their robots will be landing on.  We were going to create the robots in the classroom and label each part.  We’ll see how this will work out in the upcoming week.

Religion: “God Saves Us” chapter 13.  Students wrote about the Prodigal Son and God’s mercy.

Spelling: Unit 19: -tion, -sion, -cian endings

Cooking Class: Students cooked curry garbanzo beans with coconut milk.  It smelled incredible!

Please see the specialists’ classes by visiting their webpages.

Thank you to everyone who went to the school auction to support ACS!  Thanks to all of the volunteers to put so much time into setting up and cleaning up.

Prayer corner:

I pray for all of the parents and children who are struggling through these school closures and business closures, for all of those who are now jobless as a result, and for the faithful who are hurting spiritually because they miss the mass.  I ask for comfort for all, for communities to rally, for people to help one another, and for flexibility during these uncertain times.  I especially pray for the first responders, doctors, nurses, and their families.  God bless you all!



Classroom Newsletter for the Week of March 2, 2020

Don’t forget to spring forward this weekend!

Congratulations to the 5th grade Math Olympians: Nicolas, Marshall, and Peyton (who likes lollipops).

Monday was Read Across America Day!  A HUGE thanks goes out to Mrs. Whelan for all that she did that day: making snacks for each child in the school, making posters for each classroom’s Dr. Seuss book, providing project resources for classes, and sharing her wonderful ideas.

Math: Chapter 6 Adding and subtracting with fractions

Many students enjoyed working with fraction tiles.  I think that these are great tools for students to use while they are learning how to add and subtract fractions. If your child would like to have his or her own set, I would strongly recommend buying a set for home use.  Our sets came from Launching Success here in Bellingham, courtesy of parents who donated them to the class.  They can also be ordered on Amazon.

Literacy/Writing/ELA: Students chose poems, learned about some of the elements of poetry, and looked for those elements in the poems that they chose.  Students tried to memorize the poems and then recited them in class.  We began to write couplets which we will make into poetry pinwheels next week.

Here are some of the students who recited poetry:

Genevieve’s poem

Daliah’s Poem

Liam’s Poem/Song

Taylor’s Poem

Nicolas’ Poem

Micah’s Poem

Bea’s Poem

Faith’s Poem

Students finished their final projects for their literacy books from last week and turned them in today.  Here is an image of some of the creative work they did:

Students brainstormed ideas that they’d like to use for their business letter.  Students were given a rubric, a sample business letter, and a prewrite paper to get them started on their business letter to Mr. Anderson.  The paper was sent home as homework over the weekend so that a rough draft could be written.  The letter is to be persuasive, yet professional and cordial.

Students are to be reading their famous women’s books at home in order to create their PowerPoint that will be due on the last Tuesday of March.

Students reviewed contractions.  Students learned how to correct sentence fragments to make them into complete sentences.

STEAM: Students presented their ideas on how to create a robot that could withstand the spheres of the planets they previously studied.  Next week students will take their ideas and the suggestions of their peers and create their robots.  If there are any special materials that they’d like to bring from home, they are welcome to do so.

Religion: Students learned about the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation and the season of Lent.  A few were tested on their 5th grade prayers and Deacon Kheriaty answered many of their questions about sin and forgiveness.  Fifth graders are scheduled to have a discussion with Father Moore and they have their own time set aside for confession later this month.

Next week students will be reading new literacy circle books.

We will NOT have school next Friday because teachers will be at workshops.


March 7th Archery Tournament

Growing Great Kids Auction & Gala

March 9th– Pizza Lunch 

March 9th Sehome High School 8th Grade Parent Information Night, 6:30 pm AND Meridian High School 8th Grade Parent Information Night, 7 pm 

March 10th Bellingham High School 8th Grade Parent Information Night, 6:30 pm 

March 16th– School Bus meeting for the 2020-2021 school year in the school library at 8:15 am 

March 18th- Early Release at 11:45 am, casual uniform AND 7th Grade parent meeting on their Wash. D.C. trip for 2020-21, Ms. Gottschalk’s room @ 5 pm 

March 25th– Hot Lunch 

Check out what is happening in the other teachers’ classes by clicking on their classroom webpages!