Classroom Letter for the Week of December 16, 2019

I cannot express how sad I am that Jace is moving.  That being said, I know that he will be an incredible blessing to his new school, new classmates, and new teacher.  To Jace the math teacher, my-random-subject-of-the-day-at-the-traffic-loop-sign-buddy, possible future priest, student-extraordinaire, and to his whole family, God bless you in your new home.  Please keep us updated with emails and tourist-y pictures!

Thank you for the Christmas presents, Christmas cards, and SCRIP.  Your generosity, kindness, and thoughtfulness are so appreciated!

I pray that all of you have a safe, blessed, and peaceful Christmas.  Happy Birthday, Jesus!  For all of my students, their parents, grandparents, and extended family, I hope that you all have a Happy New Year filled with strong faith, good health, and abundant blessings.  Here comes 2020!!!

Math: Story problems using the Fantastic Five Steps (that nobody likes to do, but are incredibly helpful)

Spelling/Writing/ELA: no spelling list this week, creative writing based on the Nativity, correlative conjunctions

Literacy: finished reading the book, “Number the Stars” and working on the final exam for said book

Religion: Chapter 9, reading about God’s Word, practicing our Christmas Program song, making Christmas presents for special people, reading Scripture to go along with our Jesse Tree, understanding the tradition of the Advent Wreath

Social Studies: presenting awesome timelines of historical events from 1500-1776.  When students return, we will begin our Holocaust unit on January 6 with Mrs. Mura.  She is a retired Assumption teacher who began the Holocaust unit many years ago.  If you have any questions or concerns about this unit, please email me.  We maintain an age appropriate curriculum but it is a very intense and tragic subject matter.

STEAM: looking at the Big Dipper to study luminosity and light years of stars

Physical Education: Students did bobsledding with mats and scooters!  I WANT to be in Mrs. Campbell’s class!!!

Art: Some fifth grade artists are finishing their posada art piece while others will illustrate a hope for the world art piece.

For other specialists’ classes, please see the teachers’ webpages.


December 19th– Christmas Program in the church, 7 pm. Doors open at 6:30 pm. After the program, please pick your child up in the classroom.  They have presents to give to you.

December 20th– School Mass @ 9:00 am (dress uniform), Early Release @ 11:45 am, NO EDP

December 22nd– January 3rd- Christmas Break

January 6th– Back to school!

January 8th– General PTC Meeting 7 pm in the library

January 25th– 31st– Catholic Schools Week (Activities will be announced in early January.)

Classroom Newsletter for the Week of December 9, 2019

A visit from St. Nicholas…

I wish I had been there but I heard from students and Mrs. Campbell that Timmy sang, “Proud to be an American” in celebration of the new citizenship status of Bernardo’s parents.  Congratulations!

Religion: Deacon Kheriaty brought in a play that the students performed.  They did a great job depicting the Holy Family, the Magi, the Angel Gabriel, and King Herod.  There are a few actors in this class that may want to look into taking drama class next year!  We began Chapter 9 “God’s Word Feeds Us” and we are discussing how it is that God knows our needs and provides for us.

Math: Students finished Chapter 3 which was all about decimals. They took a test on Friday.

Literacy: Students are reading, “Number the Stars” and their own choice of Holocaust/WWII fiction books.

Writing/ELA/Spelling: Students are studying r-controlled words and how to use lie vs. lay, set vs. sit, and may vs. can.

STEAM: Students need more time to work on their luminosity of the stars project so we will work on that next week.

Social Studies: Students are finishing their 1500-1776 timelines.

Upcoming Calendar Items: 

December 18th– Hot Lunch

December 19th– Christmas Program in the church, 7 pm

December 20th– School Mass @ 9:00 am (dress uniform), Early Release @ 11:45 am, NO EDP

December 22nd– January 3rd- Christmas Break

January 6th– Back to school!


Classroom Newsletter for the Week of December 2, 2019

Thank you to Dr. and Mrs. Rush, Mrs. Brandt, Mr. Blas, and Mr. Eberhardt for being chaperones on our Mindport Museum field trip!  We had a follow up email from Suzanne at Mindport, “Thanks for bringing your class yesterday. It was impressive how focused they were in their explorations and it was fun to observe their team work, especially at the creek exhibit.”  Mindport is my favorite field trip of the year because it encompasses all of STEAM: science, technology, engineering, art, and math.  It is a perfect review of the simple machines unit that we did earlier in the year.

Cooking Class: 5th graders learned how to make a salad and their own salad dressing.

Math: adding or subtracting decimals with rounding and benchmarks, finding patterns in decimals

Spelling/writing: schwa + n and schwa + r, cursive practice.  Writing basic paragraphs with a topic sentence, three supportive sentences, and one conclusion.

Social Studies: rough draft of timelines due Monday

STEAM: making a mobile of the Big Dipper to model luminosity

Religion: Advent traditions, prayers, meaning

Literacy: We began, “Number the Stars” in anticipation of our Holocaust unit that we will be doing in January.  If you have any questions about what will be covered during this unit, please email me.


December 9th Pizza Lunch

December 9th– Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Church of the Assumption, 7:15 a.m. Mass (Not a Holy Day of Obligation this year because it falls on a Monday.)

December 11th Principal’s Coffee, 8 am in the library

December 18th– Hot Lunch

December 19th– Christmas Program in the church, 7 pm

December 20th- School Mass @ 9:00 am (dress uniform), Early Release @ 11:45 am, NO EDP 

Monthly Book Reports (January-June)


5th Graders,

  • Beginning in January, you will be presenting book reports. Book reports will be due on or about the fourth Tuesday of each month.
  • You will be reading an independent book outside of class and presenting the books in various formats.
  • It is important to remember that you will be reading this book on your own. Because of this, you may need to create a schedule as to how many pages you should read each night in order to have time to plan and finish your report.
  • Here are some project ideas: diorama, food representation, oral report in costume, timeline, stop-motion movie, rainbow report, poster, biography fold-out figure or a format that is preapproved by your teacher.
  • Do not use the same project more than once. To clarify, if you do a diorama in January, do not do another diorama (unless you do a report in June).  Choose another option for a project.
  • All projects that earn a grade of 3 or above will be added as extra credit to your literacy grade.

See the chart below:

Month Theme Presentation
January Holocaust, fiction Diorama (choose one scene from the book)




February Famous African-American scientist, explorer, doctor, professor, military personnel, inventor, or civil rights activist (no sports stars, no T.V./movie stars) Timeline


Biography fold-out figure


Rainbow report


March Famous Woman (no movie/T.V. stars, no singers) Oral report




April Famous Native-American, Asian-American, Pacific Islander, Hispanic-American, or Latino-American Biography fold-out figure


Rainbow report



May Famous Artist of any genre (painter, dancer, architect, visual artist, etc.) “Movie poster”


Food representation (choose a theme or one scene from the book)

June (optional) Your choice!

Ideas: athlete, war hero, animal, president, saint, etc.

Your choice (even if you have used this format before)