Classroom Newsletter for the Week of November 25, 2019

Dear Families,

Please check the lost and found.  Believe it or not, the picture below is not of a classroom’s coat rack, but the lost and found on the first floor.  There are toys, water bottles, ties, coats, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.  Not pictured is a bin full of clothes.

Lost and Found, 1st floor + full bin

Thank you to all of the families who bought books for the classroom library!  It was so generous of you and I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.  We have a few Harry Potter books, science books, and WWII fiction.  Thank you to Mrs. Smith for putting suggestions in the classroom wish list box and to all of the parents who made the Scholastic Book Fair a great event!

The Annual Human Food Chain, led by the 6th graders, was a wonderful success.  Families brought in many food items and also diapers!  Thank you for so generously answering the call to feed our brothers and sisters in the community.

Math: Regrouping decimals, rounding decimals, using benchmarks to estimate decimals

Religion/Writing: Prayer of Thanksgiving, studying for the ACRE test by playing an ACRE vocabulary game

Social Studies: Working on 1500-1776 history timeline

Science: The magnetic poles and gravity, the sun as the primary source of energy for the Earth (but really, it’s God), the gravitational pull of the sun, Earth rotating vs. orbiting around the sun

Literacy: Students are finishing their last work on “The Wolves of Willoughby Chase,” “Among the Hidden,” “A Year Down Yonder,” and “Because of Winn-Dixie.”  They will finish all of their work next week and I will be introducing a list of optional book report choices.  Next week we will read non-fiction books until Christmas break.  Students will read about the solar system, planets, or stars.

I hope that you had a wonderful holiday!


Classroom Newsletter for the Week of November 18, 2019

Thank you so much to all of the Grandparents and Grandfriends who came out to spend time with your cherished grandchildren.  It brought joy to my heart to talk with Uncle Brian and see how important he is in Aiden’s life, to be teased as a perfectionist by Dalia’s Papa, and to witness the twins’ grandma say that they are her favorite grandchildren (Ha!  Now it’s in writing)!  What a great day!  Thanks for buying books from the Scholastic Book Fair!

Math: Unit 3: Students did decimal addition and subtraction with base-10 blocks

Writing/Spelling: Students finished their Grandparent Day papers, studied words with the schwa ending + L

Literacy: Students answered inferential and literal questions, studied analogies, continually work on reading comprehension, and explicated figurative language: hyperboles, similes, metaphors, and colloquialisms.

Religion: Students studied the Apostles’ Creed, and read about St. Patrick and how he taught the Irish about the Blessed Trinity using the image of the shamrock.

Social Studies: Students studied the Boston Massacre and what led up to the colonists’ frustrations over taxation without representation.

Science: Students are beginning their studies of the Earth’s layers and what element causes magnets to “stick.”



Classroom Newsletter for the Week of November 18, 2019

Happy Friday!

Math: Students began Chapter 3, Decimals

Literacy: Students are answering literal and inferential questions in literacy groups.  Some are learning about metaphors, similes, and hyperboles.  All of them are learning about synonyms and learning new vocabulary words.

ELA/Writing: Students worked on ways to rewrite a run-on sentence using commas and conjunctions, using a semicolon, or just separating the sentence into two sentences.   Students have finished the rough draft of their descriptive writing paper called, “My Greatest Fear.”  They have started on their “Grandparent Day” papers just in time for Grandparent/Grandfriend Day next Friday.

Science: Yes, we are still working on our shadow projects.

Social Studies: Students are reviewing why settlers came to the Americas, what items were traded with the Algonquin and Iroquois, and what happened to the First Nations after more and more settlers came.  We discussed the difference between an indentured servant and a slave and why slaves were used for economic reasons having to do with the triangular slave trade.

Religion: Students are bringing in food for Hope House to practice one of the acts of corporal mercy.  Students began Chapter 8, “We Profess Our Faith” and read about St. Lorenzo Ruiz and St. Patrick.  We are explicating the Apostles’ Creed.  Students reflected on ways that they can be faithful to God.


November 21st-25th Scholastic Book Fair 

November 22nd– Grandparents/Grand-friends Day, 9:00 reception, 10:45 am School Mass 

November 24th– PS/Kindergarten Open House, but all are welcome- 11 am to 1:30 pm 

November 25th– Pre-K Thanksgiving Feast; Human Food Chain 8:30 am starting in the church 

November 27th– Early Release, Casual Uniform 

November 28th-29th– Happy Thanksgiving! NO SCHOOL 

December 1st– PTC Holiday Bazaar, 9 am – 4 pm in the Gym 

Pictures from physical education class:

To read about elective classes, please click on Mrs. Beshara (orchestra), Mrs. Campbell (phys ed), Ms. Gottschalk (art), and Mr. Mabalot’s (choir) webpages.

Classroom Newsletter for the Week of November 4, 2019

God bless our veterans!  Thank you for the sacrifices that you’ve made and the ones that your family members have made as well.  Thank you for serving our country!

Mrs. Martin-Zender’s third grade class and all of the Scouts of Assumption School helped us show our appreciation for the veterans.


Thank you to all of our military families!

Thank you for donating to the canned food drive for Hope House!  If all of the students in the school bring enough food to cover the canned food drive poster in the foyer, everyone will get free dress.  Corporal works of mercy + free dress = win!

I want to thank all of you for coming to the conferences.  I laughed, I cried, I loved coming together as a team so we can all make this a great year for your children.  Thank you!

Guess what?!?  We have our first field trip coming up on December 4 to Mindport!  If anyone would like to volunteer to chaperone, we will walk there in the bitter cold, watch children like hawks so that they don’t break anything, and walk back to school.  If that sounds fun to you, I need three parent volunteers.  The first three to email me get to go!  It really is my favorite field trip of the year.  I will send out more information about departure times as we get closer to the date.

Math: Students took the Chapter 2 long division test.  Since it is easy to forget how to do long division, students should gradually work on the long division, story problem, multiplication packet that I sent home.  They should just do a few problems a day to keep their skills sharp.  Students began Chapter 3 on decimals.  Some students worked on Funky Town, a pictorial or 3-D town having to do with geometrical shapes.

Reading: Students finished the last project of their literacy circle books.  They wrote about the evolution of the protagonist in the book they read.

Writing: Students turned in their persuasive essays and are working on their “Greatest Fear” papers.  This paper is a descriptive writing piece.

Religion: Students went to the Veterans Day prayer service.  We are halfway through with the saint oral reports.  I am learning about all kinds of saints and how they served God!  We will continue to have presentations next week.

Science: Students worked on collecting the data on their shadow project.  Next week they will be graphing their data.

Social Studies: Students are working on research to create a timeline that leads to the American Revolution.  This will be a long work in progress to collect the dates and events.


November 11th NO SCHOOL, Veteran’s Day observed 

November 13th– Hot Lunch 

November 15th Family Movie Night in the gym, 6:30 pm 

November 21st-25th Scholastic Book Fair 

November 22nd– Grandparents/Grand-friends Day, 9:00 reception, 10:45 am School Mass 

November 24th– PS/Kindergarten Open House, but all are welcome. 11 am to 1:30 pm 


Classroom Newsletter for the Week of October 28, 2019

On Tuesday we gathered together as a community in Christ to ask that God bless the soul of Mrs. Barone-Strutz as we prayed for her at her funeral mass.  We also prayed that the Holy Spirit hold her family in the warmth and love that is a gift from God.

On Thursday, awesome fifth grade parents brought food, games, and prizes to have a fun morning on Halloween.  There was enough food and drink to feed an army!  Thanks to all of the parents who provided those things in order to make it a fun (and well-deserved) day for the kids!  Thanks to the Dales, Machinski, Strutz, Frick (Livingston), Daheim, Driscoll, Strayer, and Harbick families.  I’m sorry, but I don’t know if I left anyone out.  There were two cookie sheets left here.  No child claimed them, so please let me know if they are yours.  Email me!


The fifth graders did an incredible job leading the All Saints Day mass on November 1st!  I am so proud of them for everything- from speaking so articulately on the microphone to learning extra steps in altar serving during a high mass.  I am so pleased that they are growing up in the church and showing their love for God.  The children’s choir does a great job as well!

Thanks to teacher Caroline of Common Threads, your incredible children made hummus wraps from scratch!  They had fun learning how to prepare a healthy snack with canned chickpeas, fresh vegetables, and spices.  They reviewed how to safely use cutting tools and wash properly to prepare the food.  Great job, 5th grade chefs!

Officer Kranzler of the Bellingham Police Department came to do an anti-drug presentation for the 5-8th graders.  She had so much information to share about alcohol, marijuana, vaping, and other drugs.  She has left a box of mini booklets for the 5th graders to read.  If your child would like to check those books out, I will put the booklet in the Parent Wednesday Envelope so that you and your child can read it together.  Please have him/her return it via the Wednesday envelope the following week so others can read it as well.  I learned so much from her presentation.

Thank you so AGAIN for the Hope House food donations!  We had so much food donated that our bin was overflowing!  It feels good to receive gifts, but it feels so much better to give.  I see that when I watch the students hand each package, can, or box of food to the Hope House volunteers.  If you have time, please donate diapers or socks in any size.  Also, I have two cans of spaghetti sauce that I cannot donate because they are in glass jars and Hope House cannot take glass.  Please let me know if they are yours and I will send them home with your child.  (No student knew where they came from.)

Math: Students finished chapter 2 on division.  They took a test but will have time to finish it on Monday.  We will begin decimals next week.

Reading: Students went to the library to research saints for their oral report.  Oral reports will be given all next week during religion class.  Students are finishing “Among the Hidden,” “Because of Winn-Dixie,” “The Great Gilly Hopkins,” and “A Year Down Yonder” and will be done with those books next week.  We will be doing a second round of those books so students, start thinking about which book you want to read next!  They are all SOOOOOOO good!  We will also introduce “The Wolves of Willoughby Chase” in the next round of literacy book circles.  If you like Charles Dickens, you might like this book!

Writing: Most students finished their final drafts of the persuasive paper.  They began with a prewriting exercise, wrote their rough draft over a period of days, edited it, had it peer edited, I edited it, and then they wrote their final drafts (which was turned in with their rough draft and rubric).  Some students began their “Greatest Fear” paper which is an exercise in descriptive writing.

Science: Students are discovering why their shadows grow!  The angle of the sun’s rays on the earth were simulated by mini flashlights angled against a paper protractor and a Lego figure.  Students measured the length of a shadow in what would simulate the morning, noon, and late afternoon.


Religion: Students practiced for the All Saints Day mass, studied a saint, and practiced their ACRE vocabulary words.  They had a talk by Deacon Kheriaty about saints and asked him all kinds of questions!

For information on what your child is doing in art, Spanish, orchestra, choir, Math Olympiad, and physical education, please click on that teacher’s webpage.


November 4th– Preschool/Pre-K Parent Coffee in the School Library beginning at 8:15 am, Pizza lunch 

November 7th– Veterans Day prayer service at 10:45 am at Church of the Assumption. All veterans are invited to attend and be honored. 

November 7th-8th– Parent Teacher Conferences (Early Release Nov 7, NO SCHOOL Nov 8) Please bring your child as all 5th graders will lead their own conferences.  

November 11th NO SCHOOL, Veteran’s Day 

November 13th– Hot Lunch 

November 15th Family Movie Night in the gym, 6:30 pm 

November 21st-25th Scholastic Book Fair 

November 22nd– Principal’s Coffee 8:00 

                                 Grandparents/Grand-friends Day, 9:00 reception, 10:45 am school mass