Newsletter for the Week of May 28, 2019

I hope that you had a very good Memorial Day weekend!  I pray in thanksgiving for those who served our country and made the ultimate sacrifice.  I pray for their family members and friends to find comfort and love in Jesus.  God bless America!

Social Studies: Last week (Ret.) Judge Mura came to our class to teach us about the three branches of the U.S. Federal Government: the judicial branch, the legislative branch, and the executive branch.  What a great presentation!  This week we are reading about how those branches came about in history.  Thank you, Judge Mura!

Literacy: Students who were reading “Where the Red Fern Grows” and “The Secret Garden” have finished their books and will be working on their final literacy circle discussions and assignments.  They will begin reading “Esperanza Rising.”  Some students opted to do the book report for extra credit and came up with some great looking informational posters!

Science: We are finishing our water distribution presentations.  We’ve had some great posters, power points, and print 3-D presentations!  What a great job!  Next we will be working on climate change and the greenhouse effect.

Garden Class: This week was our last garden class!  Students did some composting, weeding, and planting.  Some reflected upon their favorite parts of garden class: cooking, using the recipes they learned at school to cook at home, learning how to garden and grow their own food, etc.

Math: Students have finished Chapter 9 and will soon be assessed on their graphing skills.  Next week we will begin Ch. 10 which is about measurement.

Writing: Students will be writing to Fr. Scott as he says good-bye to Assumption this June.  We have so many wonderful memories of him.  Thank you for sending pictures of him and your children!

Religion: This week we are reading in our Family Life books about good communication and the influence that media can have on our lives.  We are also practicing for the mass that 5th graders will lead on Friday.


Fifth grade – In Physical education students continue practicing the game of lacrosse.  We will also be practicing for the Variety show dance.  An effective communicator actively listens. 

5th Grade:  This week, students are learning about chord progressions and music composition. They are working on their own 4 measure composition utilizing their knowledge of chords from our ukulele studies.

Art: No art due to art Ms. Gottschalk on retreat with the 8th graders